A dog or a rabbit

Today I am going to tell you a story about Mity. I am very aware that he doesn’t feature on this blog as much as BD does and that is for two reasons. The first is I see him less, since I now live by myself I only see him when I am seeing my folks and b. because compared to BD he is pretty prefect. Other than his health issues he just loves everyone and everything, and although he is getting a little more demanding in his old age – he has his routine, and if you deviate from this, boy does he let you know  – he is generally pretty perfect.

However, this story was just too good not to share.

Mity is obsessed with carrots. Bring in the shopping and put it on the floor, he is there sniffing out the carrots. Put the shopping on the work top, so that he can’t help himself and if he can smell the carrots he will stand and bark at the bag until we give in and he has a little bit – and by give in we are talking 10 minutes of constant barking, not he barks and we give in.

He has been known to let himself into my grandparents spare bedroom, open their cupboard and retrieve the bunch of carrots which they had stored in the bottom (I don’t know why). Now every time we go to visit them he spends the entire visit trying to make it back into that cupboard.

He smells a carrot and he wants it. So much so that we now actively hide carrots from him. They are smuggled into the house and put away while he is distracted with a toy, or a game.

However, this last weekend Mity and my folks came to stay at my house. it was a nice day so we decided to walk into the local village to get some groceries – including carrots. My dad headed by to my house, with the groceries and Mity while my mum and I headed into one final shop.

Half way home my dad realised Mity wasn’t lagging behind as usual, and was in fact trotting along nicely next to him – Mity does not do this. There is always a sniff, or a smell, something to be peed on…

So my dad looks down to check on him.

Mity is trotting along beside him, and in his mouth he has the canvas bag with the groceries in it. Somehow he has managed to find the carrot in the groceries while walking along and he was as proud as punch trotting down the road with the carrot (still inside the canvas bag) clasped firmly between his teeth.

Dog or rabbit you decide!
Dog or rabbit you decide!

12 thoughts on “A dog or a rabbit

  1. That is adorable!! Delilah always inspects the shopping bags. 🙂 AND my guys love carrots too, sometimes I hide them around the house when the weather is bad and let them hunt for them.

    I bet your dad was tickled that he did that.

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