That’s not what I ordered!

I am upset. In fact I am slightly more upset than I should be in this situation, I am a little worried about what this says about my life at the moment.

Last night I stayed at a friends house, and as she didn’t over-cater I had nothing for lunch today. I thought about having a cup a soup or something, but then there is a really nice sandwich shop a short walk from the office.

I considered having a tuna sandwich…

But then I thought if I am going to be naughty why not go the whole hog, treat myself…

So I ordered a sausage and egg sandwich, with extra tomato ketchup.

I was excited. I couldn’t wait to unwrap my sandwich. I had been looking forward to this sandwich for a good few hours.

I took my first bite…

There was sausage…

There was extra tomato ketchup…

The egg was missing.

The egg had been replaced with some horrible salty bacon.

Gutted was an understatement. I only very rarely treat myself to a sandwich; I can’t justify the cost, I can’t justify the calories.

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8 thoughts on “That’s not what I ordered!

  1. hahhahaha
    I understand 100% your disappointment, I would have been distraught.
    Nobody messes with your food, specially when you are craving something.

  2. uuuuggghh that;s the worst when you’re just trying to get food to go and they get it WRONG but you don’t know until you’re already at home waiting for the most perfect bite!! HUGE pet peeve!!

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