This is not good enough!

The general election hits the UK in May, and for the first time I am really very worried about the out-come. In all previous elections I have voted Lib Dems, I thought they were the best option for the ‘every man’. They weren’t out to look after their rich buddies or take us into an illegal war…. I was excited to see them take a place in the coalition; I thought this would be their chance to show their skills and that after a successful 4 years the country would see them walk the elections in 2015 – wow I couldn’t have been more wrong!!

So for the first time since I started to vote I don’t know who I will vote for. I may vote for one of the smaller parties, I may spoil my vote as I did in the last elections. I am still undecided however one thing I know for certain is I will vote.

I will put my pen to paper and make my voice heard. If we are not careful apathy will be the winner in the next election, the ruling party will not be there because they deserve to be, but because no one could be bothered to turn out and tell them that they shouldn’t be there.

To be completely honest MPs are taking the piss, I am aware I am generalising but.. well just look at the below.


not good enough


This is not acceptable.

Making a speech in the house of commons on animal welfare and looking to see how many times a  joke ‘joke words’ or friends names can be slipped into that speech is not acceptable. (true story!)

Our MPs seem to be on a cushy little number and I for one have had enough. So I will be taking to the polls and casting my vote and I beg and of you who can to make a stand and have your voice heard. If you don’t vote they assume you don’t care, if you vote for a smaller party or spoil your vote then I hope they will finally learn that you do care and they need to do a hell of a lot better!

If you would like to register to vote please visit

4 thoughts on “This is not good enough!

  1. I share your frustration with the current political life in our country. Heck, the entire western world is canted to the right.

    But as a student of history, I can also see how far we’ve come.

    It’s why I try not to stress about tweaks to laws as much as I care about political moves that weaken the franchise. For instance, I’m not crazy about seeing the limited U.S. social programs dismantled. But in the end, that will do far less damage than gutting the Voting Rights Act or making wealthy supporters more influential than the regular public.

    Once I limit my passion to what I’ve decided is most important, I go just a little bit less crazy.

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