We are pleased to announce…

One of my Uni friends announced the birth of her second child over Facebook last night. However the sentence about “the new addition completing her little family” unlocked a wave of emotions for me. Here was a woman of my age, who is already at the stage of completing her family whereas I haven’t even started mine.

She has done the husband thing, the marriage thing and is not about to do the kid thing for the second time, whereas I am still spending my evenings alone. If life was a race, well she would be seriously kicking my arse.

However, as I thought about it more it dawned on me that I (hopefully) still have all these things to look forward to. While my other friends have settled down into a routine of married life, I still have that part of my life to discover, and in waiting a little longer to meet ‘the one’ I have had some amazing experiences which (hopefully) they never will. The experience of buying my own house was as scary as it was thrilling. I still get a buzz when I look around MY house and remind me that it is all mine. I have done this. I have done this. Not my boyfriend, not me with a husbands help, just me.

I have saved hard and found a house that I knew was right for me.

I have spent far too much time stood in a hardware shop agonising over which shade of blue to paint my house.

I have spent 2 hours stood in a furnishings shop debating over which towel to buy (true story)

I haven’t been completely alone, my parents have been unbelievable and supported me every inch of the way. But at the end of the day it has been me who has made me little house a reality and I wouldn’t swop that experience for an ‘complete’ family. Not now. Not ever. The complete family will come (I hope) but right now I am loving life, and so I need to stop the comparisons, stop worrying about the future and just enjoy the hear and now.

9 thoughts on “We are pleased to announce…

  1. Amen to that. You’ve come a long way….While I don’t know you, I have noticed it in your comments on my blog and on your own…keep going 🙂

  2. Glad that you’ve realized it’s not a race…and hey…even if it was…you’ve got all your friends beat in the “independence” department. Hands down!

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