What was I thinking?

I am not very good at pre-planning to write something. I am very much a spur of the moment, fly by the seat of my pants kinda ‘writer’ – and I use the term writer loosely!! For some reason I get an idea and then I have to either stop everything and write it down or it is gone and no matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to bring the idea back. This means that my draft folder is full of half written posts which I have started but can’t for the life of me remember how this was going to end:

Title: But I like my bed…..

Starts: For the last few days….

Any ideas? cause I have no idea where I was going with this post!

How about:

Title: Stood up on two fronts.

Pretty sure that one would have been a moan. Then we have

Title: Should he have called me sweetie?

I feel this one was probably to do with the ex and his continuing habit of referring to me as sweetie despite the fact he is screwing someone else. Another idea I have had but not finished is

Title: Online dating profile

This one may actually rear it’s head at some stage as I have started another one about writing an online profile, so maybe I thought this would be such a ratings winner I decided to write about it twice.

However, my favourite “i have a title but nothing else post” has to be this one….

Title: Perhaps I should just take off all my clothes…..

I have no idea what on earth I was thinking that day!

So how about you? Any posts that have never made it to the light of day that you would like to share?

15 thoughts on “What was I thinking?

  1. lol I have lots and lots of these also. Usually I’ll jot down a few quick things I wanted to talk about though so I know where my head was, but they rarely get finished. Some of them are too personal, some of them I am too nervous to share, and some of them I just don’t feel like finishing! The best un-published one I have is called “I Want to Share More” -sorta ironic :c)

    • I love it. I’ve got a couple of unfinished ones that I have written enough to at least know where they will end, so I keep plodding away, but those ones were little more than titles and I have no idea what I was thinking about when I came up with them!

  2. Ditto LOL. Nope we just make time, sit down and get it down or just jot down ideas. So no unused posts for us. Mind you everyone is different so whatever works for you. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. On this blog I sorta refrain from posting naughty stuff like I used to do on Doggy’s Style.
    I have a several posts that never saw the light because they were too much lol
    The last thing I do is to write to the title. I just let my mind go wild and then name the post. My biggest struggle is keeping my post to a maximum of 320 words. OCD. I fail sometimes and usually freak out when it happens.

    • I’m not regimented (nicer word than crazy!) enough to keep my word count under control. I just kind write then hit publish and then look a few days later and think, should have re-read that a few more times as I spot typos!

  4. Do it up! Maybe some of the half written posts are waiting for a moment to happen where you hear something, or learn something in order for it all to come together.. or maybe its random loved craved jibberish eh? lol.. PS totally commented on someone else blog post today absent mindedly thinking it was yours, had a casual/humourous attitude to my comment that may have made me sound like a jerkface stranger overstepping lol

    • I love it!! Have you seen my post about the poor guy I went bat shit crazy one? He had written this one post that made me see red so for my first comment I called him out on being a coward and too scared to commit – never heard from him again!!

  5. OMD! I have 45 partial posts saved in WordPress. I have 12 longhand pages of blog post ideas in a notebook. And that’s not to mention little phrases that I don’t know what to do with. The other day, I saw a note: “A frugal dog is called a penny pinscher. ” WTF?

    So no, you’re not the only one.

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