What do you get when you kiss a boy…..?

What do you get when you kiss a boy…..?

Fucking Flu


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So not knowing exactly how I felt about Edward didn’t stop me from making out with him a little. We made out on Thursday last week, I went down ill Monday lunchtime – clearly the cause is his man cooties.

This will go on the lists of reasons as to why I should just give up on men, embrace dying alone and rescue many animals instead!!


8 thoughts on “What do you get when you kiss a boy…..?

  1. Boo man cooties!!! and Boo you not feeling well!!! I feel like the term rough patch is a bit of an understatement BUT if ya still like the guy (even as a friend) then it’s not all bad right? Or i guess if you only like him as a friend then maybe it is…dang, I’m really bad a cheering ppl up 😦 Hugs!

    • Wow you have a …unique way of making people feel better! I’d advise next time just to open with ‘wine’ but I am so full of lempsip and other meds that it probably isn’t the best idea!!

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