DIYing Christmas – because I am an idiot!

Like an idiot I have decided to make Christmas gifts for my nearest and dearest this year. Partly, it’s because I thought it would be nice to do something different, but mainly because I am terrified that Christmas is going to bankrupt me!

DIYing Christmas has kept me up at night. To begin with I was worried about what I was going to make. My original thought was Cinder toffee, mints and some chocolate truffles for everyone, with an addition of diabetic biscuits for my Grandma. However, I couldn’t find any way to cheaply package them, I considered hampers. I trawled pInterest for ideas and found a cool folded paper plate thing, which would have been cheap, but no good for anything other than the biscuits. Then I found a pack of 3 masonry jars in Asda, for just under a pound each. Having spent ages searching for nice jars for my own kitchen I knew this was the best value for money, and I hoped that by splitting up the 3 jars, so each recipient only got 2 jars, I could save some cash. But then I worried that two of these jars looked a bit stingy, and also they are a little big and so would take an awful lot of stuff to fill. So I went back to the drawing board…

Then my dad sent me an email, and I had a lightbulb moment. I will make each person their favourite ‘biscuit’. One jar per person and I could stuff the jars full without breaking the bank. I thought with a little tag and some decoration around the neck I could look generous enough and keep my bank balance healthy.

However, this gave rise to problem number two. What do bake? Some people have been so easy to assign a cake too; for Dad, Grandad and Sisters Fella Stolen (yes, I cheered when I realised I could bulk bake!) My mum will get some Caramel Slice, one friend will get the mints mentioned above, another will receive some lovely chocolate digestive gunky cake thing I made a while back which was not only a huge success with everyone who tried it, but I still have all the ingredients for as I massively over bought when I made it previously. All I had to do is find the safe place I put the recipe. So other than a lactose intolerant sister and one Aunty I am about there.

But this then brought up another issue.

I have no idea how long any of this stuff will keep. I want to make sure it is nice and fresh when I gift it and so at the time of writing I have not yet started baking. In fact looking at my diary I have the evening of the 22nd and 23rd to shop and bake and that is it.

Next year I might just abuse my credit card!!

10 thoughts on “DIYing Christmas – because I am an idiot!

  1. good luck with your baking spree! I’ll be doing the same lol I have mint cookies, peanut butter cookies, and rolo pretzels to make. I had the same thoughts too like “how early is too early to make these….”

  2. My comments on your blog are for HER! Amazes me that her email address isnt accepted when trying to post comments on here for being the author of this website! How do you post a blog? I have so much to say and will give you story’s worth reading

  3. I grinned reading this. I can totally relate.

    After you’ve recovered from your baking spree, it’s time to start trolling for that awesome recipe that you can make in bulk without it going stale, and that everyone will like.

    I’d imagine popcorn is not as common in the UK as it is here in the US but I’ve had fun making flavored popcorns for people.

    At least you had a nice kitchen to work in. 🙂

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