Then there was two…

So that makes two, two un-requested cock pictures sent to me by guys I have met online. Guys who seemed normal, guys who I had agreed to go on dates with.

Is it me? Am I giving off some “I like cock pictures” vibe that I don’t realise? I have been told I have a ‘fuck off a die’ face (I think it’s a little like resting bitch face) by a guy who apparently wanted to come and chat me up but was worried I would eat him alone and so sent his friend across to hit on my friend, with him following in his wake.

Maybe I also have a ‘I like cock’ face? Only I don’t. I mean they have their uses, but let’s be honest they are not pretty. Between you and me I would rather not look at it, and there is no way in hell I want a picture of one sending to me while I am on my lunch break – true story!! At least this time it turned out to be the cock of the guy sending the picture…I’m undecided it that’s a good thing or not!!

21 thoughts on “Then there was two…

  1. About a year ago i was handling a dog at an adoption event and a guy with his kids was so excited over this dog and wanted his wife to see her. I had just taken some good puctures so i text one to him. About a month later he began texting me about all if the placed that he wanted to lick me. Ick! Super creepy. Glad he didnt adopt the dog and i blocked his number. Guys are just weird sometimes.

  2. My first reaction was to wonder what planet they think that’s acceptable on.
    But then I remembered that even Google gives you different content! (The cookie cutters – it showed you rude ones while the rest of us had to add search terms to find them, ha ha!) You must be giving out a vibe!!

    • You’re right, I had forgotten about the cookie cutters. OH My GOD it is me that’s the freak!! :’0) You should leave now in case this rubs off, save yourself, clearly it is far too late for me!

    • Society or men …

      Sorry this is a tolerant blog, everyone is welcome. No matter what hangs between their legs – or how big it is! (The first one was the smallest I have ever seen!!)

  3. It’s very widespread in certain lifestyles. I don’t see the appeal myself. I have a friend at work and he meets guys all the time and they all exchange photos of their….er…members. I guess if you were only looking for sex it might make a difference but really, text me a bottle of wine as opposed to your appendage.

  4. Eek. I’m sorry :/

    The word cock makes me laugh though. Penises aren’t the nicest things to look at, I agree there!

    • it may be an overshare but I have never been a fan. They have a use, but they are just so ugly. I’ve hardly wanted to see the ones attached to the guys I have been in relationships with, on what planet would a cock picture be a turn on from a guy I am yet to meet in real life???

  5. When I was looking for a potential parter ages ago, guys would keep sending me naked pics.
    I gotta confess some of them were great eye candy, but those are usually the exception.
    Most of the pics are gross and/or out of focus.
    I’ve always said that if I wanted to see a cock I’d google it, plenty of free porn around.
    And then, why spoil the surprise, right?

  6. This seems to be a common theme with online dating at the moment. Why do guys think that women just want cock?! Seriously, that’s enough to put anyone off!

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