Holy crap I’ve adopted a rabbit!

There is a guy at work who has been trying to get rid of his kids pet rabbit for as long as I have known him. His two children have grown up and so this rabbit spends its days sat along in a hutch. The guy openly admits he doesn’t want or like this rabbit…

I tried my family, I tried my friends.

I said I couldn’t…

I said I wouldn’t…

Then in a moment of weakness I said ok…

I am a mixture of terrified and excited. I know I could say no, but I feel that for this poor rabbit although life with me may not be perfect, it will be a lot better than it is now.

My first argument against was BD and Mity but when I thought about it more I realised that I only have BD once a week (the majority of the time) and Mity less frequently. I know that it will mean one night when the rabbit will not get a whole lot of company, but that still means 6 nights a week that rabbit will have me all to itself and Ok 6 nights is not 7, but it’s an awful lot more than 0.

Then only other thing that puts me off is the cost. Actually that’s a lie, I have only thought about the costs involved now… after I have agreed. Yes, this may very well be a case of shutting the stable door once the horse has bolted. I think I will be alright, hell I have to be alright. I have made a promise and I would hate to break it.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a whole load of rabbit things to learn about!

12 thoughts on “Holy crap I’ve adopted a rabbit!

  1. Will there be pictures?

    I’m a long-time guinea pig aunt. My sister has had them for close to 30 years now. And I’ve been amazed to see how much character they have. And they’re fun to take outside (on a leash or using a bottomless crate, when it’s warm) and let roam the house.

    I suspect you’ll find the same thing with your new bunny. And if you give her the stimulating she needs, she’ll probably be a great companion to you.

    Maybe you can learn something interesting here: http://www.speedyhousebunny.com/

    • Of course there will be pictures, more so than with the dogs (I worry people will identify me via my very unique collie!!) Thanks for the heads up, I will definitely pop across and visit Speedy!

  2. Over the years i have kept an awful lot of bunnies and have three boys now. Please ask anything, even if you think it’s a silly question i don’t mind. 😉

  3. Don’t bath it or it’ll die hahahaha
    I had a rabbit when I was a kid, it hated my mom, even though she was the one who would feed him and take care of him. We had to give it away, it bit my mom once and it would follow her around.
    I realized that I’m being negative about the rabbit.
    I’m glad you decided to give the poor thing another chance, it’ll be good for you too. You’ll have someone to keep your hands warm, just like Doggy week my feet warm.
    Looking forward to seeing the pics.

    • We had a violent rabbit as a child, it was so bad it used to hide in the ‘bed’ compartment of the hutch and then shoot out and grab the hand that was feeding it. Once my dad pulled his hand out with the rabbit attached. In the end it went to a farm (an actual farm, not as in rainbow bridge but we will tell the kids its a farm!!)

  4. Why do I feel so pissed off? Like I’m going to snap? Feel like ive found a big piece of the jigsaw for missing answers and had no idea? Is she really this vindictive? The fact that i tried to use her email id to post my comment and that failed, why? So random of all o couldve chosen. makes sense fuck a restraining order

  5. Secret life like hers explains why she was so selfish with that child, pissed off for that boy. Hear me got some questions that he wants answered, might snap if I don’t get anywhere with her and not waiting long to get them. Don’t fuck about Carly

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