No Second Date

He was small; as in he came up to boob height on me (yes that is an actual measurement) The conversation seemed to go well but the height difference was a problem. The afternoon was enjoyable, but he was a closed book. At one point he left to go to the toilet and I wasn’t 100% certain that he would return!

I’m not sure how he felt, but it was left with a hug and he did care enough to ask me to text him and let him know I was home safe.

I got home, sent the text and he responded… with a willie photo.

For some unknown reason this guy decided that sending me a willie photo was appropriate at that moment (hint: it wasn’t) but i gets better…

Turns out it wasn’t his willie

How, why, what the?

What vibe was I giving off to indicate I wanted to see a complete strangers willie??



8 thoughts on “No Second Date

  1. I can’t help it, I have to ask. Whose willie was it? LOL

    Gee…even though I only came up to this girl’s boobs I really like her. Maybe I’ll shoot her a picture of somebody’s willie. WHAT?

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