Improving my White Fridge – PicStick review

I don’t think I’ve told you about my fridge. When I was redesigning my kitchen I decided I would love a funky modern fridge. I have always wanted a coloured one and although one of the old fashioned styled fridges (I am sure they have a name but I have no idea what!) would be my dream, I knew practically I would need a large freezer as I would be doing a large amount of batch cooking and freezing.

Looking at the options available I quickly realised that a ‘pretty’ coloured fridge was out of the question; my options had become black, white or grey. I found a make I liked the look of, with a large freezer but small enough that it would fit in the space I had assigned it (I got very geeky when planning my kitchen, scale drawings were produced and everything!!) and it came in a very ugly grey, a very boring white or the most beautiful shiny black you have ever seen. I am ashamed to admit I fell in love with the black fridge (I may have stood and stroked it in the shop, in the style of Gollum, while muttering my pretty!) and the best bit of new was this model was in the sale…

Except it wasn’t; boring white and ugly grey were in the sale. My pretty fridge, the one I had fallen in love with, the one I had stood and stroked in the middle of the store and done a happy dance on finding was not in the sale. If I wanted my fridge in lovely, shiny, beautiful black it was going to have to pay full price. To get my fridge in black I was going to have to pay over £200 more.

You won’t be surprised to learn it didn’t happen and I resigned myself to having a plain… boring…same as everyone else… white fridge.

That was until I discovered PicStick.

PicStick transform your digital photos to gorgeous fridge magnets; at a cost of £9.50/$14.99 for a sheet of 9 and shipped (very quickly) worldwide for free I was a little bit giddy.

The website was so easy to use and can be linked with your Facebook profile. I will admit to taking a long time to choose the photos which would make it onto my final sheets, especially as this task involved trawling through a few hundred photos of me and the ex. This meant I logged on and off the site a few times, but everything saved for me each time and despite waiting weeks in between, everything was still there when I returned to the site.  The site works pretty much on common sense, and so I found it very straight forward to use. I was impressed how easy it was to rotate and re-size the photos I had chosen.

My only complaint would be that when you are building your sheet, you can’t see the photos you have already selected for any additional sheets. I bulked upload a lot of photos, which this site lets you do with relative ease, but once I’d completed one sheet I had to reply completely on my memory to complete the second; which I failed at. You do get an overview of all the products before finally buying them, but it would be a nice touch to see all your magnetic photo sheets while you are choosing your final photos.

I had intended on giving a PicStick magnetic photo sheet to my mum and dad for Christmas, and then giving other family and friends individual pictures. However I am so blown away by the final magnets that I am really struggling to give them away. The finish is brilliant and I am blown away by how fabulous the prints are.

I am confident that with their quick delivery a PicStick photo magnet would make the perfect last minute Christmas gift or stocking fillers.


bye bye boring fridge
bye bye boring fridge
Beautiful BD
Beautiful BD
My Mity
My Mity

When the lovely people at PicStick heard about my boring white fridge, they very kindly sent me 4 sheets of photos for free to review. However, this in no way affected my opinions, and all words and photos are my own.

10 thoughts on “Improving my White Fridge – PicStick review

  1. you escaped lightly with not having a black fridge. I’ve got a shiny black washing machine, but it’s a nightmare to keep clean, it shows up every spot of muck & drip of water. Much better to use fridge magnets.

    • Your not the only person to say that – maybe someone was looking out for me that day, as yesterday I decided to clean the fridge but because the stuff I used didn’t shine properly, I worried it was going to peel the front off my fridge and so ended up cleaning it at least twice more!

  2. I got a new fridge and promptly pulled all the old crap off it. LOL Your fridge is beautiful and I’m so excited to see photos of your dogs!! YAY I win. 🙂

  3. I love fridge magnets. How cool that you found a creative way to make the most of your white fridge.

    And yes, I have a black fridge and it looks even dirtier faster than white does. Count your blessings.

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