Good news… the freaks are alive and well! #onlinedating

I was going to say ‘finally’ but I worry that makes it sound like I have been looking for them, I haven’t. But I have officially found my first two freaks online, and lucky me found them both on the exact same day!

When I first started the whole online dating experience, there was part of me that expected that within minutes of my profile ‘going live’ I would be inundated with sleazy men with one track minds, wanting nothing but… well you know. However, I have survived a month without any real issues. Obviously there have been some guys ‘viewing’ my profile that have raised my eyebrows (I am thinking of the 60 year grandad) but on the whole everyone seems almost normal, or as normal as they would have been had I met them ‘offline’.

However, yesterday this all came to an end where within the space of a few hours two guys showed their true colours.

The first (lets call him idiot 1) sent me a message out of the blue after a few days of silence. The warning bells started to ring when offered to send me a picture of his face in exchange for a picture of my body. But curious to see where it went, I agreed. Turned out the photo I sent of me, with my nice new Christmas jumper, scarf and trousers was not ‘appropriate’ and led to a fowl mouthed rant about how I was ‘full of it’. His profile was quickly blocked.

I then went on to  chat to some other people, and crossed paths with freak no 2.

I have been chatting to him on and off for a while. He seems very keen on meeting and swooping numbers. I have told him a few times that I wouldn’t meet him unless we chatted more and than he couldn’t just have my number. He seemed to take this and so we have had the occasional, very limited, conversation. Until last night. Last night he suddenly announced that if he “saw me out in a short skirt, he would rip it off me” (yes the comments did come out of the blue) when I responded telling him that if he tried that he may get a black eye he countered with “no you’d love it. It would make you wet” I couldn’t hit that block button fast enough!

So there you have it dear readers. The freaks that you see in the memes and laugh at our really out there, they are alive and well and live among us. God help us all!

8 thoughts on “Good news… the freaks are alive and well! #onlinedating

  1. Ugh, I need to go rinse out my eyes with saline.

    The horrible thing is I’ve had similar IRL encounters with men when I was in my 20s. It’s very sad to think how little has changed. It’s just gone more high tech.

    Keep your sense of humor. Sounds like you’ll need it.

  2. I do have a giggle reading these as I know what those sites can be like. Prat number 2… I bet he thought that was chatting you up, talking “dirty” when in fact he made himself sound like he belongs on the register.

  3. God I couldn’t deal with that. Bless you, sweetie. I might have said, I’ll make you dead. But I think that might be construed as a threat.

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