So yesterday, after me sending him a text telling him that I wanted to cut down contact as much as possible. Him claiming he understood exactly what I was going through. Me making it very clear that he didn’t have a clue…He thought the appropriate thing to do was to bring BD out to my car last night!!


On what planet was that a good idea or even fair on me?! Does he not know I am a mess and still in love with him? Does he not get that despite really trying to move on, my unspoken wish is that he will turn up on my doorstep begging me to take him back?!!

In a moment of weakness he made stupid promises which he shouldn’t have. I believed him.

He promised he would never date anyone else.

He promised he wouldn’t have anyone else in our bed.

He said he wouldn’t keep the house, as it was ours. He claimed it would be too hard and so he would sell up.

Of course I didn’t expect him to keep those promises, I didn’t want him to end up alone. But I sure as hell expected that he would take more than 3 months for him to get out of my bed and into someone elses.


4 thoughts on “WTF

  1. I haven’t said anything negative about him so far but he’s said stuff that he never should have when you were vulnerable. He is being manipulative. Stay angry!

    • You have been very good, and I appreciate you staying ‘positive’ I’ve had a few people go straight away down the “he’s an ass” line (IE as soon as they found out he had dumped me) and it didn’t help as I ended up defending him.

      Its the empty promises he made that really hurt, I never asked, wanted or expected him to stay single forever. So why did he promise me? Why did he go there? It makes it hurt even more!

  2. he promised because: he’s an ass. He wanted (and still does want) to keep you there “just in case”. It’s going to be hard but I think you are going to have to arrange to either keep BD yourself or let him keep him 100%. You need a clean break, you really do.

    • I am considering it. However, turns out angry me rocks as I have no want to have him in my life. Anything I thought I felt for him has gone. I was thinking I should get him a birthday gift this year, to keep the peace as he lets me see BD but I’m so not bothering now, in fact I am not even going to bother with contacting him on the day! His loss!!

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