I’m one step away from buying a ‘Love Fern’

Well I have been online dating for almost a week and I thought I should let you know how it has gone:

–  potential dates: 2

– marriage proposals: 3

– naked photos received: 0

I have also…

– Been asked if I would date someone with children (I would, but not you)

– Been asked if I would date someone with a different ethical background.


– Discussed children and how it would fit in raising them around mutual work commitments.

– Talked about my ex.

– Talked about my newly discovered trust issues.

– Accused a guy of only wanting me as another notch on his bed post.

– Told a guy I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

(It gets better…)

– When asked by a guy if i was “dead” cause it took me more than 5 minutes to reply to an IM responded with “Yes” and blocked him.

– Replied “cause all men are b*stards” when asked why a ‘cute’ girl like me was single and on a dating site.

– Shared my ‘Love is a crock’ theory and said I will only marry for millions.

– Used the phrase “you have a stunning eye area” in an introductory email to one guy.

– Condescendingly challenged a 25 year old about whether or not he was too young to be looking for a serious relationship.

– Replied with “are you drunk” when a guy said ‘I heart you’.

– Admitted to a guy that I was sulking because he was taking too long to reply to my messages, and told him if he had time to be online he had time to send me a text.

– Repeatedly tried to assure the above guy that I am not a bunny boiler/stalker/weirdo.

Seriously it’s like I want to die alone!!

10 thoughts on “I’m one step away from buying a ‘Love Fern’

  1. No naked pic yet??!!!
    I’m shocked, but instead you got 3 marriage proposals.
    I gotta say I’d be puzzled if I ever received “you have a stunning eye area” on the first message.

    • I did go on to explain I was sure he had nice eyes too, but couldn’t quite tell from the photo! I know – how could he resist me??!!

      It was a really weird thing to say but I was scrolling through all these images and his really stud out. I went back to it, and it was because his “eye area” was just wow. But there is NO way to explain that without sounding like a crazy person!!

  2. Ok you had me at love fern!! Also I’m so glad you hopped over to my blog b/c I feel like you’re speakin my language! The follow button has been pushed 😀

    • Very pleased to hear it and thank you!! I love your blog and look forward to getting to know you better (can you tell I have been sending out a lot of “introductory emails” on the free site – slightly worryingly I seem to default to that tone now!)

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