I’ve got mail

I can’t believe it. Suddenly everything is alright with the world and I am in a happy bubble of love because not only has my online profile received 4 views but someone has sent me a message. This was it, this was the one. I clicked on the message eager to see what he had said, when…

“to see the message please pay £X” appeared on my screen.

Yep, in a moment of happiness I forgot that my free dating site isn’t free, and now it’s worse. Someone wants to make contact with me, a guy has reached out and that message is being held for ransom.

I feel my willpower slipping. I think I am going to have to give in and actually pay for this stupid free dating site!! Grrr

11 thoughts on “I’ve got mail

  1. Don’t wanna be that person, and I don’t mean to say people won’t contact you or anything like that. But sometimes the emails you receive on dating sites aren’t actual emails, they just want you to pay.
    However, since that’s the only way to know if the email it’s true and to get in contact with other, I’d pay.

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