I’m dreading tomorrow night

Tomorrow night is Halloween and to be honest I am dreading it. My parents are not fans, I believe it has something to do with my dad as a milkman having to untie about a million gates on his early morning round after Halloween. But it also has a lot to do with the underlying message, while ‘trick or treat’ is light-hearted or fun basically it can be translated into ‘give me something nice or I will do something nasty to you!’ Which has happened.

I was furious the day I woke up to discover my parents house had been egged. I worried about how it made my parents feel, I wondered who had done something like this…a neighbor…a complete stranger? I felt like my house and my family had been attacked and I think it was that moment I decided I would never do Trick or Treating.

When I moved in with the ex I wondered what we would do about Halloween. In a small village would we be ostracized if we didn’t partake – turns out I had nothing to worry about. I was moved out long before Halloween made an appearance.

But this year I am not. I am alone. In my house.

Being alone in the house I hate opening the door to strangers. I have a slightly over-active imagination and no matter who is on the doorstep I wonder what I would do if they pushed their way into my house. Would I scream or would my voice dry up in fear?

The other fact of the matter is that this has been a really expensive month. I had a stupid expensive Hen do for one of my oldest friends and with a trip across the country to her wedding within the next few weeks, which includes 2 nights in a hotel, public transport costs, wedding gifts, drinks on the day, food on the other days… I’m broke. I don’t have money to waste on buying in candy or anything to just give away.

So I’m going to sit in the dark and pretend I am not in. I wish I wasn’t. In fact I am in two minds about cancelling a DIY evening with my folks and instead leaving my little house to hide at their house instead. Yep, I am so worried about trick or treating that I am fearing spending a night in my house.

I know I’m probably over thinking this but I worry far too much about what people think, and I that has lead to me freaking out about tomorrow.

I have printed off a poster saying I don’t want any callers – lets see what happens!

3 thoughts on “I’m dreading tomorrow night

  1. Nothing wrong with sitting in doors pretending not to be in. Luckily over here if you don’t have decorations or a pumpkin on your porch it means don’t bother me and people are very good about it. So we wil have a doorbell ringing free Halloween which is just as well with Molly. Have a fabulous Friday and a nice quiet night.
    Best wishes Molly

    • I have often thought something like that should be a ‘rule’. If people are happy to take part pop a pumpkin in your window, if you aren’t then don’t. I am aware I could be worrying about nothing, only time will tell!

  2. Around here, if the porch light is off that is the sign the occupants aren’t participating. That makes it pretty easy to stay home even with the lights on.

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