I can’t take it any more!!!

If you thought this week had thrown everything it possibly could my way, you would be wrong. Apparently it isn’t enough that I had a car journey from hell and came home to be greeted by a boiler that plays mind games… Nope I am also being terrorized by the worlds biggest spider!!!

Don’t believe me. See for yourself…

Run...save yourselves!!
Run…save yourselves!!

Now I know some of you may want to be funny, like some of my unsympathetic work collages were when shown this terrifying spider, and so comments like “where” and “oh, that little thing” may slip from your lips. But let me point out that picture is taken from the other side of my lounge, and the black dot you see near the ceiling is the spider and the items to the left are my new curtain and curtain rails (I hope you like them) and that curtain rail end splays to cover an area roughly the size of my palm. So now you have a comparison, can I have a bit of God damn respect?!!

Here’s my problem. I don’t like spiders. It has taken over 25 years for me to be able to reach a stage where I can put a cup over them and carry them outside (or chuck them out of the nearest window.) If they are outside, then that is fine. That is there home and I leave them alone, all I ask is for the same respect.

This one has broken that treaty. Actually it is not the first as I have had one that has reappeared in the corner of my fire every other day for a few weeks. Each time it appeared I politely asked it to ‘go away and never return’ and *touch wood* it has listened to me this time.

However I do not feel like carrying this one outside in a glass and nicely asking it to leave – for one thing it doesn’t fit it any of the glasses I own!!Also I do have a kind of unwritten rule whereby if I can count the hairs on its legs then I can get someone else to sort it while I run from the room screaming like a girl!!

Last time this spider showed it’s hairy giant face it was thrown out by my lovely brave daddy. (Just one of many reasons my daddy is a hero!!) However now the bugger is back, and took great pleasure in mocking me while I enjoyed my breakfast this morning .

Or at least it did. It walked across the wall, from one corner to another, paused for this photo and then vanished. I have no idea where the bloody thing has gone.

I am currently searching my phone book to find out who is the closest friend I have who can come and play hunt the spider and get rid of it for me. Half an hour isn’t too long a journey is it? Well it’s either that or I put my house back on the market!

13 thoughts on “I can’t take it any more!!!

  1. Shoot we lost the comment thingy and could not find on the boiler post. Ours is misbehaving too and you won’t believe me but one huge f%$k off Spider scurried round the bedroom last night with me screaming for help. We lost the darn thing. I hate them too and i am out of love with my boiler as well. You are not alone. Only managed to find the comment box by clicking on the title of the post. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

    • Is that cause I’ve changed some things up, or wordpress just being annoying? So pleased to hear I am not alone with boilers or giant spiders moving in uninvited!! The good news is my boiler is at least working (touch wood) my sisters broke on her mid shower! Hope you had a lovely weekend!!

  2. Google “spider catcher”! The male biped gave the female biped one like a mini vacuum cleaner. She loves it! Arachnophobes can be independent!

    • Does it hurt the spider? I hate the things but I can’t hurt them (yes, I’m quirky!!) I will have a Google, may have a higher success rate then persuading one of my friend to drive half n hour to come and throw it out for me!!

      • No, it doesn’t hurt the spider. It gets caught in a tube. You put a cap over the end and turn the suction off once the spider is in the tube. Then you take it to where you want to release the spider and simply take the cap off and shake out an unharmed spider.

  3. Bwa ha ha! Sorry to say I was one of those jerks who didn’t sympathize with people who were afraid of spiders. Until it got cold and a rat turned up in the house. Now when I’m freaking out about trying to catch the rat, I think of my friends who hate spiders and up my empathy a bit.

    BTW, if you progressed to the point of being able to catch and release spiders on your own, you should be very proud of yourself. Many people never face the things that freak them out.

  4. I don’t mind spiders but that looks huge. My friend in the States had a tarantula stuck to the outside door of her car. She is terrified of spiders. She got in the opposite door thinking it would come off when she drove along motorways etc but when she got home it was still there. Trying to poke it off with a stick the web got caught and it came flying towards her! I bet that was scary

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