Cat adds value to property

And this is another video that leaves me struggling for words, but for a completely different reason…

Can you believe it? Just in case the video doesn’t play, the story in a nut shell is that a family has had their house on the market for a while, but have only managed to sell it by agreeing to leave behind their pet cat for the new owners to look after. For a moment i gave the couple selling the house the benefit of the doubt when I thought the agreement was that they would just proved ‘a cat’ but not. This couple are just leaving their cat behind. Grrr just grr!


8 thoughts on “Cat adds value to property

  1. I was furious when I saw this!! First, if someone wants a cat, go adopt one! Why do you need to take a cat that belongs to someone else? AND two, what kind of people sell their cat?

    Oh if I could reach through the computer, a lot of people would be getting whacks upside their heads.

    OH and if you really feel in the mood for picking up poo, head on over. I’ve got a yard that could use some cleanup. (BTW, I’ve thought of it as a hand warmer myself.) 😉

    • great minds clearly think alike! I am still so annoyed about it, especially reading that the 9 year old son who owns the cat doesn’t want to leave it behind. I wish you could slap some sense into some people!!

  2. This headline was insane. But it fits in with the fact that in most laws, animals are property and legally, no different than a lawn mower or sofa.

    That poor 9-year-old is going to need lots of therapy someday.

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