Fancy Pants

In an attempt to save some money I have decided to try and do less washing. When I treated myself, yes I have become the sort of person for whom a new washing machine is a treat! to my new machine I spent a lot of time considering energy rating and spin times. After the look of the thing, it had to look pretty, my main concern was ‘how much will it cost me to run’. I was extremely pleased when I found a very pretty, white machine with a A+ energy rating and it’s shortest cycle is 20 minutes. I was ecstatic and I have to admit to borrowing some washing liquid from my next door neighbour so I could get my first wash in as soon as the machine as installed (yes, I did the installation myself).

My concern came with realising that my 20 minute cycle was in fact a 20 minute refresh and to do anything more meaningful would take about an hour and a half. So i soldiered on with my refresh wash and nothing came particularly clean. I did try it a couple of times and was never fully happy with the results and so I took the plunge and did a longer, hotter wash.

The problem is I am now concerned about spending too much with these longer, hotter washes. So my solution is to limit myself to the number of washes. Originally I was doing 2 loads a week (excluding bedding etc) one would be whites, the other colours. I did it Friday night/Saturday morning and left the clothes to dry in my conservatory over the weekend.

However, with my new wash I have decided to use the ‘wear everything I own an only wash when I have run out’ technique. I’ve only been doing it for a few weeks and so far it has had mixed results. I am washing less, but on occasions the wash has fallen on a school night (which I don’t like as all I want to do after a day at work is collapse) and I now play the ‘where is is’ game a lot more often as I try to figure out if a top is clean and missing or dirty in the bottom of the wash basket – annoyingly I have already managed to loose two black strappy tops. I genuinely have no idea where they have gone!

The other, slightly more interesting side-effect is that I am wearing all of my underwear before putting on a wash, this includes my usual stuff, my slightly old, wripped, really should throw away stuff and more amusingly my ‘best’ underwear which I save for… lets say special occasions. Yep, I am now wearing my best knickers to work.

I am slightly concerned that at some point I am going to bend over and give everyone an eye full of a bright pink, lace.


4 thoughts on “Fancy Pants

  1. LOL that is a funny thought. We try and wash once or twice a week but it is usually a juggle with trying to dry everything. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I once had a friend who hated doing laundry so much he kept buying new underwear. By the end of the year, he had two huge garbage bags full of underwear he’d only worn once.

    I rarely use hot water to wash. But I sometimes boost the power of my detergent with washing soda. It’s old fashioned and cheap but it’s been around for over 100 years because it works great. You might find it works for you to do a short, cold water wash to work better with your schedule.

    • I will have to look into that (the washing soda not buying underwear forever!). I don’t mind cold, short washes but things were not getting clean and I’m really sorry but if I’m washing I want my clothes clean!!

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