I scooped the wrong poop.

It happened to me again this morning. Yes, that’s my first confession I have scooped the wrong poop on more than one occasion (hangs head in shame) the second is that I may have already shared at least part of this with you, but here’s to hoping your memory is as bad as mine!

The first time it happened it was dark. I had let BD out for a poo and although I thought I had pin-pointed the location clearly I hadn’t. BD is a bit of a pain. He refuses to go on-lead unless desperate (I am working on this) and generally if you move, or breath, after he has ‘assumed the position’ he will stop and you can be out walking the field, in the dark for another half hour. So, he squats and I freeze wherever I am and then have to reward him (again trying to make him better at pooing) while getting the bag out my pocket, moving towards the poo whilst keeping one eye on the spot and the other looking out for any other poo someone else has failed to scoop. Please note, this is not so I can pick it up… I am not that kinda person.

Anyway, the first time I scooped the wrong poop BD has run slightly down this hill and so in the dark I carefully made my way to the area where he has positioned, and I bent down and scooped the poo. I then looked at the poo I had scooped and saw it was filled with maggots. Yep, rather than picking up my dogs poo I had picked someone else weeks old, stone cold and maggot riddled poo. I shudder to this day thinking about it.

After this experience I have always been extra carefully whenever I scoop, I mean it’s bad enough I have to pick it up and usually end up wearing most of it and you want to make sure if you’re going to wear it, it came from your dog.

However, this morning I yet again picked up the wrong poop. BD – it is always with him, can I blame this on him I wonder?!! – had stopped a few meters away, squatted, finished. I threw the tennis ball and told him he was good. Switched on my head torch and walked towards the spot. I always stop a little way away to properly check the ground as I am approaching the spot and was shocked to see I was closer to it than I should have bee. He had done the ‘walk and poop’ technique so I wasn’t surprised to pick up a trail which I could see back to the tall tuft of grass he has started his business on. I bent to pick up the first bit and had a thought of “oh well, at least this will warm my hands a little.” I had thought it would be warm enough to not wear gloves – I was wrong!

However, the first bit wasn’t warm.

Neither was the next bit.

I said to no one in particular “gosh I knew it was cold, but didn’t realise it was that cold” and then I picked up the third piece (am I over sharing?) and that bit was still warm, as was the rest.

It meant only one thing…Yet again I have scooped someone elses poop. Surely this will get me into Heaven right??

12 thoughts on “I scooped the wrong poop.

  1. LOL no worries, you do me a solid and I do one for you….probably others have done the same thing. OMD though the maggots yuck…..Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  2. Ewwwww! But funny. Shadow has an unique poo pattern (squats and walks)so I am lucky that I can usually track it down by that or smell. Unless it’s in the autumn leaves, that sometimes gives problems. The joys of dog ownership eh?

  3. Oh Gawd, been there! The worse thing was once Freya was in a field doing a number 2 then something caught her eye and she legged it at racing speed. Catching her was my priority, she was headed towards a main road. When I did get her I was panting a bit, damn she is fast, I took a slow walk back to the dump zone. I couldn’t find it. Fearing a £grand fine and knowing a nosey neighbour was curtain twitching I knowningly bagged and binned the wrong turd. What else could I do?”?

    • brilliant, I have to admit the night of the maggots I did not stick around much longer playing hunt the right poo. It was raining, cold and did I mention I had a bag full of maggots so I decided I would just leave it. In my head I had taken one away, so there was no additional poop on the floor!!

  4. Ha ha! It’s the fault of whoever left the other poop for you to find! That dog doesn’t have his people very well trained at all!

  5. Absolutely you will go to heaven for this! so many people don’t scoop their dog’s poop these days, you’re a marvel! The warm and cold description was a tad TMI lol!

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