Do you do fancy dress? Betty Boop costume #Review

I don’t know about you, but I always have mixed feeling about receiving an invite to a Fancy Dress Party. I love the idea of them and have even tried to throw one myself, but that massively backfired when everyone started bitching about the theme…. and don’t even get me started on the time I was invited to an optional fancy dress party. Can I just go on record to say ‘option and fancy dress’ should not be allowed in the same sentence and definitely not on the same invite. Now not only did I have the whole, “what do I go as that won’t cost a fortune” problem but I also had the added challenge of going dressed up, but not ridiculously so in case everyone else had decided to ‘opt out’. My original plan for the party (movie and musical themed) was to go as Fiona from Shrek, but there was no way I was walking into the room green to find everyone else in dinner jackets and their best little black dress. So in the end I played it safe and opted for an all in one kit where I became a white Uhura.  

The only thing that made me feel better about the whole thing was that I treated myself to some ‘knee high boot’ covers (which cost far more than they should have) and I spent most of the night showing everyone my boots!

So why might you ask am I sharing this story with you. Well I was approached by Jokers Masquerade and asked if I would be willing to review one of their fancy dress costumes or wigs. I originally said yes hoping they would supply a selection of wigs for me and my friends to trial on a night out, we had a whole night out pretending to be someone else plan all sorted out – that I will tell you about another time –  but the lovely people at Jokers asked if I would be willing to review one of their adult fancy dress costumes.

I have to admit, it was free and by accepting I would double my fancy dress costume collection so I thought why not. They offered me a selection of fancy dress adult and children costumes to choose from and loving the idea of having a wig to try for the above mentioned ‘night out’ I selected Betty Boop.

The Betty Boop costume arrived quickly, and if you visit their site they have a clock which shows you when you have to place your order to ensure next day delivery – which being know for leaving things to last minute I absolutely love.

However, here is where my review takes a slightly negative turn. You see I was sent a standard packet which I know you can get from various fancy dress sites and shops (not my issue) and the few times I have received these packs I have been slightly annoyed. For example here are some pictures of Betty Boop:


Now looking at all these images I would say there are somethings that make Betty Boop, well Betty Boop. A red dress, black curly hair, red shoes, a heart shaped garter and gold jewelry. Now looking at the image on the pack …..

Not me!
Not me!

….(excluding the jewelry and adding a small white dog thing) they seem to agree that Betty Boops essence is red dress, black curly hair, heart garter and red shoes. So what did I find in the pack……

Excuse the photo
Excuse the photo

A red dress and a black wig.

So to complete the outfit I have to find or buy gold jewelry, red shoes and a garter with a heart; which I ain’t doing!!

Now I can understand why they don’t supply shoes and hell I can even over look not including any big hoopy gold jewelry (although why some cheap costume jewelry couldn’t be including within the pack I’m not sure). But for the garter to be missing I was a little bit annoyed. If a company is sending out a ‘complete’ outfit for you to become a character then I can’t help but feel that the pack should include everything you need to become the character…. if extras need to be added then why not sell it all separately at a reduced price?

However, that being said something a little crazy came over me and I have to say, when I finally put on the costume I kinda fell in love with it. The dress was fine and fitted me, which I was amazed at as the only other times I have tried on a costume it’s either it too big or too small (I am always the in-between size) and the wig… well I just love it.

I did not want to take the wig off. I was beyond amazed that is fitted as I have huge amounts of hair and I was loving the black curls. I did not want to take the wig off…and may have considered doing DIY in it. I have shared the photo of me in the costume with everyone and anyone and I am now seriously not only considering a fancy dress night out (it’s a must!) but perhaps throwing a Halloween ‘house warming’ party just so to have an excuse to purchase one of their amazing Halloween costumes!

Yes it is purposefully in shadow (well partly, mainly I asked my mum to take it and this happened!!)
Yes it is purposefully in shadow (well partly, mainly I asked my mum to take it and this happened!!)

I would like to thank Jokers Masquerade for sending me the lovely fancy dress costume and the wig (I love the wig) and for being so patient, as it has taken me forever to write this review, but in my defense I have been working on my house (I don’t know what I am going to do for an excuse when I have finished the house!!)

Please be aware, that I did receive the costume for free in order to write my review, but that this in no way affected my opinion (ok, the wig may have slightly I LOVE IT) and that all of the above are my completely honest opinions and views!download1_zps16e15ea5

5 thoughts on “Do you do fancy dress? Betty Boop costume #Review

  1. LOL we thought you were going to wear it during your weekend chores like food shopping and the like. Bet you might have quite a bit of fun. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

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