They voted no

I can’t help but feel that a ‘no’ vote is a bit of an anti climax. I know deep down it’s for the best but it would have been brilliant to find out what would have happened, how things would have changed had they voted yes. I will admit a little part of me was excited to see what our new flag would look like, and what would we be called. A brilliant joke I heard doing the rounds would be that the United Kingdom would have to be known as the Former United Kingdom or FUK!

Following on from yesterdays post when I was feeling all empowered and certain that if we all stuck together we could make a change. This morning, I feel slightly disappointed. There was so much buzz about what would happen, and now I worry that nothing is going to change.

Scotland walking away would have certainly forced the politicians to sit up and take note.

I worry now that the powers in West Minister will congratulate themselves on a job well done and then slowly forget the promises they have made. That nothing will change. I can’t help but feel at the moment the UK is on a bit of a downwards spiral…..


11 thoughts on “They voted no

  1. This will certainly cause unnecessary frictions and scars on the people.
    Politicians don’t give a damn about it all, they have their position secured, regardless of the result or the referendum.
    The “Yes” side was full of “ifs”. It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens now.

  2. I think you’d find the consequences of Scottish independence worse than you might expect. But I’m sorry to see that London hasn’t learned from the experience. This could be a great opportunity to bring the people of the UK together moving forward.

    But what do I know? Despite studying history in college, I have yet to understand just what the American colonies were bitching about.

  3. I like that Scotland said NO. But I am not liking the violence it has caused. Whatever the vote was it was going to end in violence, it is sad that NO voters were frightened to stick up NO banners or signs, and sad that communities are being torn by it.

    • I think it would have been horrendous had they said yes – for everyone involved!! You are right, the fact it has now turned violent is awful and such a shame – why do people have to do this?

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