What a difference a dog makes!

Today I am in a good mood. The sun is shining (ok, it’s not but I feel as though it should be!) the sky isn’t even close to blue but should be and all in all I’m very happy. And what I hear you ask is the reason for this good mood?

Well it simple, tonight I have BD. Again!

The ex has been away all weekend at some sort of race in Scotland (I don’t know details and I didn’t ask) all I know is the important stuff, he left early Friday morning and returns late this evening meaning I get to chill with BD this evening as well. We really have had a lovely 4 days. On Friday night I had my sister coming to stay with me and as she wasn’t getting there until late BD and I went on one of the old walks we used to do together. I had forgotten how far we used to walk together and how much I loved it. The huge smile on BDs face was almost as large as my own.

Friday nights walk inspired me and so together this weekend we have explored some of the new walks near my house. I have loved every minute of having him – even when he decided we were going to play catch this morning while I was having my shower. The shower took twice as long and ended up with his toy bobbing around in the bath water but I didn’t care. I have valued and treasured every moment we have spent together and I am so excited to go an pick him up tonight for another long walk followed by en evening cuddling on the settee.

We seem to have found our little routine, and if I am honest there is a whole load of me that wishes he didn’t have to go ‘home’ tomorrow. In fact there is a whole load of me that wishes he didn’t ever have to go back.

But he does.

And I have to admit our relationship is much stronger it. When I have BD I have BD. His name gets put into my calendar and for the night, day, weekend, whatever I have no plans but him. I make sure the shopping is done before he arrives and so when he arrives it is our time. I’ll admit at the moment he is having to share my attention with DIY but I don’t take the time I have with him for granted and that is brilliant.

When I am with him I am in the moment. I was so excited about picking him up on Friday night I was like a kid at Christmas, the day dragged and when I finally got into my car I squeaked with excitement.

It’s a weird situation, and if it had been my choice I would not be doing a ‘part-time’ dog share.

But it’s not my choice and so I have to make do. However, the more I do it the less it is ‘making do’. Spending quality time with BD is amazing, not taking him for granted is eye opening. I hate leaving him, but love picking him up, and without the guilt of leaving him if I am having a social life. I feel slightly bad for admitting it but truth be told this dog share actually kinda rocks!


So what do you think, am I the most awful person in the world for admitting that sharing BD is actually not too bad, would you dog share if you could, or am I dammed for all of eternity for admitting that I love my time without him as much as I love my time with him?

8 thoughts on “What a difference a dog makes!

  1. not at all, you are making the most of a situation that you can’t change. You’ve said yourself that it wouldn’t be fair to have a dog full time, so this is perfect. I can feel the love coming across the matrix from this post, you really made me feel all warm and smiley 🙂

  2. Precious time together and I am sure BD treasures the time together as much as you do. So glad you has a lovely time together. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Dogs are better than shrinks!
    Even when they are naughty they make you laugh.
    I’d dog share, I’m actually doing that but under different circumstances, the other person at home is working out time for a year, so he takes Doggy because he’s in the middle of nowhere and he needs Doggy’s company more than I do. I sure miss him, I get to see him on weekends and he’s with me for a week every 3 weeks.
    As long as you are happy you shouldn’t worry about anything else.

    • Dogs are better than anything!! It’s nice that you have a fixed schedule, ours is a bit more flexible and I don’t know if the reason for the downer today is because I don’t know when I am next seeing him.
      I keep hoping the ex will announce he’s going away for another lads holiday so that I can have BD again!!

  4. Actually, the sharing thing seems very beneficial. It seems you value your time together more when you have to share it. I bet if I had to share my dogs it would be the same way.

    • It works well (until I have to give him back) but there is no way I could have him full time, and I do feel less guilty about going out then I used to. So although it’s hard it is the best thing!!

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