Holding my boys a little closer tonight!

I was going to write a much longer post bit it’s been a long, hectic week and so my brain just doesn’t seem to be working well enough to put down on ‘paper’ the thoughts that are swirling through my head.

50 dogs died as a result of an arson attack this morning. I feel that can’t go by without something being done, without it being marked in some way.

I wanted today to add my voice to the millions of others who call for tougher punishment for those people who torture or kill animals.

But today the words will not come….

I can’t form a coherent argument….

So for today I won’t.

Today, I will be extra thankful that I am having BD for the entire weekend (yes he’s mine until Tuesday morning  – I am so excited!!!) and tomorrow I will have Mity up ‘helping’ in the house as well.

So instead of ranting and getting angry, motivating people to do something, to fight for tougher punishments. I will instead rejoice in the fact that people have done something. Donations are flooding in, offers of alternative homes for these dogs are coming from all over. Firefighters and ‘local heroes’ are being applauded for the work they did to save the lives that were saved and so for today I will focus on the positive and cuddle my two a little closer when I see them!


If you can make a donation to help you can donate via the just giving page and in the next few days details of the help needed will be released.

8 thoughts on “Holding my boys a little closer tonight!

  1. Was this the fire at the Manchester Dogs Home? It was tragic that so many dogs died. Hold your boys close tonight, as I will with mine, and give thanks for small mercies.

  2. Personally I gave a few quid to the dogs trust. I know they aren’t linked, but I decided as the Manchester MEN just giving page had gone so virally well that other animal charities would suffer.

    The night of the fire I noticed dogs trust staff were on twitter into the wee small hours and they normally go off shift at 7 or 8pm ish. They were sharing information for Manchester home, about where and how to donate, about the fire itself, about the rescues. They also offered to take in the dogs. So i “shared” the love. No point a two shelter charity having over a million in the bank whilst others struggle.

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