I’m back! (and very unoriginal as apparently this is my 3rd post entitled I’m back!)

Ok, so I will admit I was away slightly longer than I expected, I was intended on being back about 2 days ago but the motivation wasn’t there. Well that’s not completely true, more the one thing I really wanted to say I couldn’t (not yet) and so I needed to wait for inspiration to strike. I know I have a few posts that are needed (I am thinking of you) and I have a review to write but to be honest getting the house right is taking priority and so they are on my newly created ‘to-blog list.’ (Well, not really a list more a nagging feeling following me around!) Anyway, I am sure you will want to know what I have been up to whilst I was AWOL (warning, if you don’t stop reading now!)

Firstly, I had the most lovely day of rest and relaxation with a very dear friend of mine. Overall the day was lovely and it was the brilliant way to start my break. I was a little worried before going as this dear friend is a, ‘in-law’ relation of the ex, and I didn’t want there to be a whole load of weirdness. I knew there wouldn’t be with her, but I was a little concerned about other family members. I was an idiot to be worried. They continue to be lovely people and I am pleased that a friendship of many years has not had to be lost as a result of the split! And i got to play with their new puppy!!!

Slightly disappointingly my newly zenned state lasted until exactly 11am the morning after my relaxing day when I got into my car to find out my sat nav was playing up and refused to lead me home. So after turning it on and off repeatedly, playing with it, pleading with it, threatening it and swearing at it I decided I was a competent single lady and I would use my gut and find my way home without the b*%£dy thing. I think the error may have been deciding I was too cleave for my own good and decided to exit by the bottom of their road rather than the top way the sat nav brought me in. After 20 minutes of slowing at every junction to ‘follow my gut’, congratulating myself  after every ‘correct turn’ and announcing to no-one in particular that “I was a genius” …..I was slightly miffed to find myself yet again back at the top of their road.

I quickly found the sat nav, appologised for everything I had said and was over joyed when this time the sat nav decided to help me out.

The next two days were spent busy with house work. ….

I now have a kitchen…..

with work surfaces…….

and a sink…….

and a working tap……

and a working shower……

and almost fully painted……

I am falling in love with my little place more and more every day and I have now reached a ‘second-level’ of decorating where I am now sorting all the little none essentials but nice to have like doors, door surrounds, complete skirting boards. It’s all very exciting!


6 thoughts on “I’m back! (and very unoriginal as apparently this is my 3rd post entitled I’m back!)

  1. Congratulations on your new kitchen. I marvel at people like you who set out to accomplish something in her house and does it.

    My husband and I have never finished a project, any project, in less than a year. Well, we did finish the bathroom in 4 months. But that was only because of necessity.

    Good for you!

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