Do You Believe Social Media Saves Lives?: Thursday Purrsday

This is Cash, who is in need of either a temporary of permanent home. If I could I’d take him in a heart beat but I can’t so for know I will share his story and ask if you can also share. Thank you

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I am dancing a happy dance, meowing a happy song and purring like crazy because of the POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA that helps me give a voice to the cats and woofies who come to me asking for help finding their forever home or  a responsible foster home.  I am leaping around because I know Social Media enable me to help those who need assistance raising some funds to cover the cost of medical care for a particular need.

Truly, you have to luvluvluv rescue... Truly, you have to luvluvluv rescue…

I learned the THREE TRUTHS about companion animal rescue…

Sharing saves lives…

Icannot save all…not alone…not even with all my anipals’ help…

I can “Paw It Forward”…SHARE, Re-TWEET, RE-POST…together we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE…

Rescue Rocks Sharing, Caring…Saves Live

(you can search my archives using each animal’s name to read about their rescue story)

Let me  introduce my newest woofie…

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3 thoughts on “Do You Believe Social Media Saves Lives?: Thursday Purrsday

  1. We like the notion that sharing saves lives and we admire all those who work so hard to make a difference to those poor unfortunate little ones. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

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