Explaining blogging to a non- blogger.

Have you ever tried explaining blogging to non-bloggers? I have many times. Anyone who knows me (as in actually me) does not know that I blog and anyone who has read my blog (I assume) does not know me. Except one person who I know has put two and two together and found me as a whole.

As previously mentioned I purposefully try not to reveal who I am on my blog. This is because I want to be able to talk about whatever I want, whoever I want, whenever I want and if you know who I am and can by proxy figure out who I am talking about well that’s not fair. Being ‘anonymous’ allows me a level of freedom that I would not have if it was me. Likewise, if anyone who knew ‘me’ read my blog I wouldn’t be able to be as open. How do I write open and honestly when I know my nearest and dearest would be reading every word? I have been tempted a few times to share it, and in the future I may. But at the moment, knowing my friends and family were reading my every word would change the way I wrote and limit what I would be willing to divulge.

However, I am slowly telling more and more of my friends and family about my blog and I this has meant as well as telling them about what’s wisdom I have gleaned from each of your blogs over the last week I also share things that have happened to me.

Although sometimes in sharing them, and with the added enthusiasm of my friends and family somehow it manages to make blogging sound just a little bit ….. geeky.

For example;

Telling my parents ‘My blog’s got its first award’. Their response “Congrats, we are so happy for you, that’s amazing! When do you get it? Where will you keep it? Is there a big award ceremony? Who decided you would win – was there a panel of judges?“ – Sounds uber cool.
Telling them no, it was a graphic and I got to answer a load of questions and pass it on – slightly less cool. Still I’m beyond giddy I was even considered and nominated but explaining it to a non-blogger…

It’s just happened again. On realising the amazing Kristine had asked me to be part of the latest blogging tour I sent an excited text to my friend.

Me: “A blogger has just nominated me to take part in a writing tour. The fact she has chosen me is fab. She thinks I’m a writer!”

His response “Woohooo. You gonna do it? Is it actually traveling around places?’

Me: “No actually travel. Of course I’m going to do it. I’m so excited. I answer 3 questions about writing”

Him: “I’d stick with writing tour”

Me: “:’0( you peed on my writing tour bonfire”

Him: “Take it there’s a decent amount of writing to each question”

Me: “Depends how much I can think of to write!”

Him: “No limits, very cool. You know what the subjects are yet?”

Me: “Yes, it’s three questions about how about I write.”

Him: “Writing about writing, yea I couldn’t do that.”

Me: “Because you’re not a blogger :0P Although I don’t class myself as one either”

Him: yet to reply.

Perhaps I should have just let him believe I was taking off on a world tour!

4 thoughts on “Explaining blogging to a non- blogger.

  1. The award thing made me laugh.
    What I often get is “I checked your blog and you had x number of followers, I don’t know how you do it. People actually read your crap.”
    Those are my close friends. At work they know I keep a blog but they’ll never find me or don’t care to find.
    My mom follows my blogs, she would call me or send me emails when my post were a too “naughty”. Mothers!

  2. LOL we don’t bother trying to explain or even telling anyone which probably says a lot about us. We chuckled at the award bit. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

    • I initially wasn’t going to tell anyone, but slowly I have started to tell more people but I have asked them not to search for it. If I knew my nearest and dearest were reading this I wouldn’t be as open!

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