When the laughs stop

I wanted to say something today about Robin Williams and his loss – but this does it so much better than I ever could!!


So the horrid beast of depression has taken another wonderful soul..such sadness ..such loss for the loved ones left behind..

I cannot imagine a human who at some point has not felt the cloud of depression like an overcoat of gloom..the sense of never seeing another joyous moment ..or a time when the mind is free from turmoil.

The great tragedy is we know more of the solar system and depths of the ocean than we do our own Psyche..so why is funding for research into this field always in short supply..and I mean worldwide.

I have grown up with a parent whose entire life from adolescence onwards has been a series of deep depressions…psychoses..hospitals..drugs…delusions..misdiagnosis…on and on..

I and my siblings were born into world of confusion and pain..we have fractured relationships with each other..in fact only one sister and I have a loving relationship…mental health has a devastating ripple…

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8 thoughts on “When the laughs stop

  1. A sad end to the life of a comic genus. His demons sadly got the better of him and we have one less star shining amongst us. RIP RW. You will be missed by many.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Depression is awful. And it is real. I’m very sad Robin Williams is gone. It is unfortunate that this illness hit him so hard that he felt he had to take his own life. Truly tragic, and yet not a flaw in his character. He touched a lot of lives and will be greatly missed.

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