#WorldCatDay with @careforthewild

I just had to share this video with you. While watching it I did the whole head tilt thing (I couldn’t help it!) and now it has finished I can’t get the tune out of my head. So i thought it was only fair to share the ‘joy’ with you?!

Although fun this video does make a serious point, we need to act now! If you can donate then please follow the links and if you feel that you would like to support this charity donate. But if like me the budget is a little tight this month then please watch the video and then pass it on to your friends, family and anyone else you know so that they too can watch.

Did you know that if a video goes viral on YouTube the person/company responsible for the video gets paid? I don’t know any more than that. Hell I don’t even know if it is true, but if it is a few all it will take is a few seconds of your time and you will have helped Care for the Wild to raise funds to continue to help Big Cats.

8 thoughts on “#WorldCatDay with @careforthewild

  1. Very professional and well done with an important message. I’ll have the ear bug in my head all day so I will just pass it to someone else. 🙂

  2. You gotta get some sorta composition if your video goes viral. You see, all popular videos on YouTube have ads, that’s money.
    I wanna go viral, gotta fall flat on my ass somewhere during something really important.
    The cross eyed cat kills me!!
    Nice videos and nice idea to raise awareness.
    Have a nice weekend !

    • Get someone to drop a bucket of ice on your head, that seems to be doing the rounds at the moment (although it is for a great cause so I ain’t complaining!) In fact as a sign of friendship can I volunteer to be the person to drop the bucket on your head?!

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