Drive by

At 11pm last night I was driving down a major motorway near to my house pondering if my small car is bullet proof as you do. Do not worry though this isn’t some sort of newly discovered fascination with bullets more the logical conclusion of a thought process which had started early that journey.
So I must have you on the edge of the seat wondering what event had trigged this thought process. Well, wait for it…I flashed my lights at a car coming in the other direction when they put their full beams back on to full half way up a hill.

Ok, for those of you whose minds do not put two and two together and come up with ‘I’m going to be murdered as I drive’ I will explain the slightly longer thought process with you….

I was driving down a country lane, about 10.20pm and it was night. There were various twists, turns and hills and it was on one particular hill that the approaching car did something peculiar which resulted in me flashing my lights at them.

Then I remembered the story of the ‘gang killings’ when the ‘victim’ was chosen by driving around at night with lights off and the first person to ‘flash’ them became their victim. Now I know that this car did have lights on, but things evolve don’t they?!

I looked behind me, and for the first time in the journey I spotted headlights in my rear mirror. Proof, they had turned round and I was now their intended victim. So I started playing through scenarios in my head. My first assumption was they would probably kill me with a knife, and so there was no way I was going back to my house alone, so I came up with a plan. If they followed me all the way to my front door, which was still a little while away so would give them time to turn off and continue on their journey as they were not a gang trying to murder me find a new victim, I would call the ex.

Can we stop the story here for a second? The ex did not spring to mind because of any sort of ‘knight in shining armour’ idea, or because I wanted to see him but because due to his job he has various skills and contacts and so would be of the most use at this moment. Ok, back to the story.

So I had a plan. I would call him and then head to his place where he could disarm the crazed killer and then I would say thank you very much and head home to water my garden.

But as we approached the motorway I had a worrying thought. We are always hearing about how gun crime is now heading across to the UK from the US, what if they intended shooting me?

I would like to say that as I pulled onto the slip way I did not think “oh well, at least my sister is expecting a phone call from me when I’m back safely so they won’t wait too long before finding my body” and I did not hunker down in my car a little and ponder the bullet proofness of my car when the car pulled out to overtake me.

Good job I don’t have an overactive imagination right?!

10 thoughts on “Drive by

  1. LOL. At least you got home safe and sound. Driving at night down lonely roada can be well spooky. We have all seen the movies. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

    • It wouldn’t be so bad, but I come from quite a posh area moved to another pretty decent little village. Yet in my head I seem to think the murderers and rapists have been sent an email with my new address and are now camping out near my house!

  2. Are you sure it was the same car you flashed your lights at that was following you? Did they follow you all the way home? Obviously, you’re okay.
    This kinda reminds me of a road rage incident. I used to be a 911 (equivalent to 999 in the UK) operator in Texas. A woman called and said she was being tailgated by this man because she accidentally cut him off. Since it is nearly impossible to get a police officer to pinpoint her exact location when she’s moving, I directed her to our police department parking lot. When the guy realized where she was leading him, he left off in a hurry. Perhaps next time you feel like you’re being followed, drive to the police station.

    • It was more my over active imagination than any really issues but don’t panic I had already decided not to drive home and I have a few police office friends who would have been called had they followed me all the way home. (Not that I would have stopped, had I made it near to my house with them still following, I would have driven past my front door and kept on driving – i had it all planned!!)

  3. Just to give you peace of mind, the folks at have debunked the flashing lights/shooting story. Even here in the U.S. it’s not that risky to drive.

    Of course you have freaked me out a little bit about the fact that my bicycle is not at all bulletproof. 🙂

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