Adding another one to the list

You know when someone just winds you up the wrong way, and you have the urge to punch them in their stupid smug little face…

Well today I met another workman who has won a place on my ‘twat tradesmen’ list. Him and my boss were discussing finishing touches to the final stage of the new kitchen we have had installed and I suggested using an acrylic splash back that I had seen from a local DIY chain. The guy just mocked me, said they were rubbish; the store was rubbish and just looked at me like I had suggested painting puppy dog tails and cotton candy clouds all over the new fittings.
As if that wasn’t enough he went on to rubbish the store and people who shop there (um, that would be me) and then to put the cherry on his ‘I’m a twat’ cake he told me he couldn’t get on with his work until I moved.

I was seething.

My boss stood there grinning.

I was less than impressed, but held my tongue and walk out.

Whether this guy sense he had been an arse or was just wanting to spend more time telling me how little I know, but he started again saying how rubbish this splash back thing was and how he knew it wouldn’t work….. so I countered with “well, having only just finished single-handedly re-tiling my bathroom, I’m looking forward to trying a new challenge” and I walked out.

He hasn’t tried talking to me since.

I wanted to find an image that would work with this post. I googled cakes and saw this....WTF!
I wanted to find an image that would work with this post. I googled cakes and saw this….WTF!

9 thoughts on “Adding another one to the list

  1. hahahhahaha I love the cake!
    The guy is an asshole, damn unprofessional.
    He could have said the same thing but word it differently or just kept his mouth shut.

  2. LOL TWAT indeed. I kind of like the acrylic splash backs and they are popular here in the most upmarket of shops where all those loaded with loot go round here. So what does Mr Chinless Wonder know. Not a lot. Grrr to the patronising prat. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I’ve found the people who treat me with the least respect are often the people who do the worst work on my house. I admit I can be wrong, but have the courtesy to respect what I am asking and tell me why. Often, you may just learn something you didn’t know. Believe me, I live in this house there are things I know about it you’ve never encountered before.

    I wish you better in your next job.

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