I am going to die alone, and I can prove it!

Todays post is inspired by the lovely Dawn – thanks hun! She told me not to worry, that I was still wrong and have time. I don’t often do this but for once I have unarguable proof that she is wrong!

When I was little I was going to have twin girls and be married by the time I was 16. I must have been about 4 or 5 playing with my barbies, but back then 16 seemed very grown up, 16 made you a proper adult and so obviously I would be married and have children by that age! Ha ha ha.

I reached 16 and suddenly realised how young that still was and you will be pleased to know I did not spend my 16 birthday hunting down a man with which to reproduce as I decided I would be at least 30 before I had kids as that was years away and I would clearly have a clue (and a man) by then! Now, as I am rapidly approaching 30 I have realised that you possibly never get your ‘shit’ together and just get better at acting – it’s true wisdom comes with age!

However a few years ago I decided to plan out my life, in the style of Rachel from friends… not the clip I wanted but enjoy anyway!


So after this, she starts to plan out her life. So I planned out mine….

Ideally I wanted to have had my second child by the time I was 30…… this meant getting pregnant when I was 29.

I wanted about a 2 year age gap between  my two daughters so I wanted to have had my first one by the time I was 27….meaning getting pregnant at 26.

Ideally I wanted to have been married for at least 2 years before having children, meaning I would have had to have married my husband, the father or my children by the time I was 24.

I would have liked a shortish engagement, but realistically I was thinking two years from proposal to aisle. This meant I should have been proposed to when I was 22.

Ideally I would have liked to have dated for a few years before we got married, so we should have started dating ‘the one’ somewhere around my 20th birthday (latest). However, I didn’t want to rush into a relationship straight away and would have liked to have been friends for a couple of years before hand so lets stick another two years and so I should have met the man of my dreams when I was 18!!

*spoiler alert* this hasn’t happened!

So if I work from my age now forwards, I am looking at having kids in my late 40s. That was if I was with the guy today, right this moment. Instead I am still hating the entire male species and looking longingly at pictures of cats.

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13 thoughts on “I am going to die alone, and I can prove it!

  1. Ha ha, I don’t think you should rush things, but I can see some areas where you can cut a year or two out of the plan!!
    I think you should concentrate on getting to know yourself and having some fun for a while!

    • It sounds silly but part of me is like, if I knew I would find someone, settle down and have my happily ever after. That would do me. I don’t want to know who, I don’t need to know when. Just to know it will happen…..!

  2. You make me sad. 😦 But then again, what’s wrong with being single and owning a bunch of cats (in my case dogs). After my divorce, I was certain I’d never fall in love again. And when I turned 35, I was pretty sure I was going to be single for the rest of my life. It didn’t bother me. I enjoyed being single. But then I met Li Xi. We met in April 2009 and knew we were going to be married by June. Sure enough, we married in March 2010. That’s less than a year of knowing one another, but we have absolutely no regrets. I’ll be 41 tomorrow and so it is likely we will not have any children. My life didn’t go as planned, but I am very happy.

    • Don’t be sad. It was very much tongue in cheek, I did it a few years ago and freaked myself out when I did the maths, but to be completely honest I wouldn’t have wanted to meet the ‘one’ when I was that young and although I wish me and the ex had worked out, and I miss a lot of the perks of being in a relationship (like having someone to bring with you to scary events so you don’t have to walk in alone, but would look weird bringing friends or family) I am actually very excited for the next few years and what I am going to do with my little house. I couldn’t imagine, and (excluding some moments) don’t want to be in a relationship right now. But I do hope with all my heart it happens in the future!

      As you you – Happy Birthday. I hope you have the most amazing day and are pampered beyond belief. You deserve it hun!

    • You mean don’t make any plans that fall apart around your ears? You then don’t spend your entire day picking apart your plans wondering what went wrong, how you can do better next time? Come up with a whole new list of plans to fail at? You just enjoy the moment and then move on? pfft where’s the fun in that? ;0)

  3. Life may not work out the way we plan but it doesn’t mean that it will be any less fabulous! My friend always thought she would marry before having children. She felt like she was running out of time so decided to change the order of things and they are so happy! Another friend of mine just married her partner of 20 years! They have 2 children and it was wonderful seeing them be part of the wedding. xx

    • I keep telling myself that, and I am sure whatever happens will be amazing, but just occasionally it would nice to be the one reaching the same targets as my friends rather than being the one doing it differently!

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