A slight cope out

I have a  splitting headache and a potential wine hangover (which is annoying as I so didn’t drink that much last night!)

There is a dog lying on my computer chord so I am currently battling to reach the keyboard and mouse (occasionally one of both will go flying across my desk, last time taking a pot of pens with it!)

There is no coffee at work so despite the fact it is now lunchtime I am yet to have my morning coffee (could this be the reason for the headache?)

The amazing loft ladder which was installed a couple of months ago  (the only thing that has gone without incident or an idiot of a workman) broke on me (actually nearly fell on my head and everything) last night. My dad can’t fix it, I can’t fix it so I need to call them back out.


My mum isn’t well (although Mity is better – can good wishes be switched from Mity to Mum?!)

The internet isn’t playing ball and keeps breaking meaning I can’t see your posts/visit you and it is taking me forever to finish the post I have in draft as it requires links to blogs and I can’t access blogs to make sure the links are right (grr)

So for all of those reasons I give you todays post…..


images (2)Look at me staying all positive and stuff!!


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