A bad weekend

I’ve had a bad weekend, and the words won’t come. I don’t know what I want to say. I don’t know how to say it. My brain is fried and on some levels I am only just holding things together.

I don’t want to not post today, but everything is so jumbled I don’t know what to say. I don’t know where to start pulling apart the threads.

I went to see Wicked this weekend.

It contains this song….I barely kept it together.

My inability to keep it together lead to a huge fight with a close friend and my kid sister.

To make matter worse, I had to contact the ex about removing my final things from his house and he managed to turn that into a huge fight making me feel like an idiot for ever loving such a heartless jerk…..

Hopefully I’ll be in a better place tomorrow. X


6 thoughts on “A bad weekend

  1. Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad, but please remember that it’s only temporary, it won’t last, and things will get better, honest. I’ve been there. We are here for you.

  2. Sorry to hear you had a bad weekend – songs can be dreadful for stirring the emotions. Hope you have a better week. Thanks for coming over to my blog and taking time to comment too. All the best.

    • I am indeed. @25cson25cs I am going to re-jig things on here but the one time I found time to try it didn’t work and now I’m DIYing my ass off so it’s finding the time! Thanks for coming across x

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