Dog Care Issues

“I have dog care issues”

Yep I just said that to someone to explain why I wasn’t prepare to move a meeting. I think he may have thought I was crazy.

You may remember a little while ago I was toing and froing with the decision to get my own dog. I could see the positives and the negatives and although I decided not to adopt that dog (who is now living on a farm with acres so it work out brilliantly for him!) I think this week has proven to me that I have made the right decision.

As mentioned yesterday the ex has gone on yet another ‘lads holiday’ and so I have the joy and responsibility of having BD for the week. I am yet to pick him up (10 minutes and counting) and yet I am already wracked with guilt and worry about leaving him alone too much this week.

Due to various reasons my diary is a lot quieter than it used to be and so currently my only set in stone commitment is a singing lesson which takes place on a Thursday afternoon and so on paper I am about to embark on a lovely week with lots of BD cuddles. However in reality the Thursday commitment isn’t as low stress as I thought. It takes me just under an hour to get to my lesson, my lesson is at 6, I finish work at 5. Usually not a problem but this week I have to do a 30 minute round trip to pick up BD and then get to my lesson. Due to house commitments I have cancelled my last few singing lessons –I cannot cancel again. Just thinking about it is making me panic about being late, and the guilt that I will be picking BD up to let him have a quick wee, put him in the car and drive to my lesson to then leave him in the boot for half an hour (and that’s before the sun started to shine…!)

Then as luck would have it someone is leaving the company I work for this week and for the first time in all the years I have worked here we are going out as a company for drinks. It is going to be a quick drink in a local pub but I am back to now knowing what to do. Do I leave him for another hour in total alone or do I try and quickly get to him for a quick walk and then either put him in the car for half n hour while I socialise and network or do I leave him alone at the house where it would be cooler but he has an hour alone? Or do I just give my apologies?

I have no-one up here I can ask. I have no one who can help me out. I feel guilty even considering having a bit of a life this week.  And that’s before we look at Saturday where due to piss poor planning from myself I have agreed to support two friends and a race they are running, and watch their kids while they run. I didn’t put two and two together until last week and now I don’t know what to do. It’s going to be a mad busy day, and the weather forecast predicts sun, so I know it will stress out BD. Add to that there will be idiot people letting their dogs do whatever they want and I know it will stress out me. I want to kid myself that taking him will help with his training and build his confidence – but I’m lying. My folks have offered to watch BD for me so I can go to this event for a few hours, and asked if I can add a few more kids to the total I am looking after – I’m now taking my nieces in exchange for the dog sitting!  But I feel guilty.

So at least I can now be certain that as much as it breaks my heart thinking of all those dogs in rescues wanting needing a forever home I am not in a position to offer one. Not yet. So I have to work hard, give in other ways and hope that the future Mr Right is as much of a dog nut as me!

11 thoughts on “Dog Care Issues

  1. The race doesn’t sound like a good place to take BD. Also, you’ll have your hands full if the kids you’re looking after get hot and / or bored!
    It is sometimes difficult knowing what it’s best to do with the dog when you have other things to do.

  2. Leaving BD in the car (even for half an hour) shouldn’t be an option, especially if it’s going to be hot; leave him at home where, although alone, at least he will be cool and safe. Taking him to the race isn’t a good idea either, so take up your parents’ offer to look after him.
    You have made the right decision not to get a dog yet, the time is not right for you.

    • Leaving him at home wasn’t an option otherwise I would have done that and there wouldn’t have been anything to worry about. Due to logistics he could not be left at the exs (which is where he is spending his days while I’m at work) as it is an hours drive from my folks where I am currently staying. He can’t be left alone at my folks because he can’t be left alone with Mity and there is no where secure for them to stay separated when we are not there. Trust me I had thought about every possible option before even considering leaving him in the car, including ring round friends like a maniac to see if they could have him. In the end the road was shady, it had cooled down a lot and due to traffic I was 25 minutes late to my lesson meaning he was left for exactly 5 minutes with all the windows down and enough water for him to take float. I wold pass up the lesson before leaving him in any harm!!

      As for the race I won’t be taking him, but there is a part of me that thinks I should. As a dog with fear issues we took the move of walking him as far away from people and other dogs as possible which means that he is not used to seeing them. I can’t help but wonder if taking him somewhere where he could watch dogs from a safe distance and have escape plans in route may do him some good. But another time.

      I know I have made the right decision to not adopt a dog at the moment, but when I see the thousands of dogs looking for homes and read about the millions of dogs being killed I do wonder!

      • I understand, it’s hard sometimes deciding the right thing to do for our pets, but our gut feeling is usually the right one.
        As to socializing BD, your idea of taking him to a place where he can watch other dogs from a safe distance is a great idea. If done on a regular basis, he will gradually start to feel comfortable about being round other dogs; he might even feel like he wants to play with them!
        Circumstances change all the time – the time will come when you will be able to adopt a dog.

      • I hope so!! It wasn’t too bad, in the end he had a lovely day with my parents and Mity and I got to run around looking after children so…um..i had a lovely day too?! :0)

  3. Glad that your parents are helping you out for the event on the weekend…
    For the two days that you have to go out at night, would it be possible to leave work a half hour early? Maybe you can offer to go IN a half hour early in exchange.

    Sorry that you are not in the position to adopt a dog right now, but at least you are aware of your circumstances, and when the time comes that you can adopt a dog, it will mean all that much more to you. Good things come to those who wait. 🙂

    • I wish. I did manage to get away a little earlier on the Friday so I could walk him and drop him with my folks before shooting to the dentist but the only reason I managed to blag that was because they have refused some holiday I wanted. Honestly where I work the only thing that matters is work, and I worry I am judged because I only work over by half an hour most days and turn off my phone on weeekend to have a life with my loved ones!

  4. An excited dog and ONE child is a handful, so wise choice made there. Maybe you should get a hamster or a house rabbit or something low maintenance (a fish?) 😉

    Actually fish aren’t very LM (slime!). I saw someone walking a ferret once (they smell though).

    • I’m going to rescue either Gerbils or Degu’s and I will foster (if they will have me) for a couple of local rescues, or help out and dog walk and such. But that will have to work around me having BD – he is my top priority!

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