Dog walker

Following on from Heart like a Dogs post on the poo harness contraption.




I just had to share this video which I found on the brilliant the dog snob blogs.

Obviously an automated dog walker for when walking your dog is just too much effort!!


I do want to say a MASSIVE thanks to Jodi and the Dog Snobs for inspiring todays post. There blogs are amazing so please do pop across and say hi, and tell them I sent you!

6 thoughts on “Dog walker

  1. Will pop over to see Dog Snob 🙂 Your veg patch is looking good. Get some courgettes, they grow like weeds. Bathrooms looking good too 🙂 I was shocked to hear Mr Fish had cancelled on you twice. Well, his loss, he has missed out on two fun evenings. Keep us updated on this.
    Loads of hugs xxxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. Well there’s three minutes of my life gone (from watching the video) that I’ll get back! WTF? That is worse to me than that stupid poop catcher!! First did you see those poor dogs? They were getting pulled against their will AND they were trying to potty and not being able to. Then they added the fourth dog on a neck collar. A NECK COLLAR. OMG This has me all fired up.

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