Where’s Wally

I was wondering what I was going to write about today when this song came on the radio. I have to say it summed my day (so far) up perfectly. This morning started badly. This morning started very badly with my snoozing my alarm clock and then falling back to sleep. I slept until 3 minutes before I was supposed to have left the house.

I don’t know if this happens to anybody else but my morning routine seems to change on an almost weekly basis. I’m assuming it’s tied to hormone levels because I will have a week (or so) of being ‘up and at em’ followed by a week of not getting out of bed for love nor money but then the next week I will be absolutely fine but then I will go through a period of not being able to wake up. Feeling almost zombie like as I go through my daily activites.

It seems to happen in other areas of my life as well.

The most obvious is work. I have days when I am so productive I feel uber proud of myself as I achieved loads and even start crossing the most daunting tasks of my ‘to do tomorrow’ list. However the next day I will be walking around wishing somebody would give me a slap to help get some life into me.

I know I am not alone in finding it easier to be motivated when the sun is shining. In fact I know for the first few weeks of summer I become the most annoying person in the world as I want to be out doing something in the sun every evening for at least the first few weeks. But I do think part of that is to do with the British weather and learning that the one hot day we experience could be our summer for that year. But regardless of the weather I seem to have these up and down days.

This morning I didn’t do too badly. Yes I didn’t have time to wash my hair, which I am trying not to think about as I had all sort of yucky crap from the house fall on my head last night. But I made it into work pretty much on time and did have the added enjoyment of watching about 30 Waldo’s from where’s Wally Wally cycling down the high street – as you do!!

P.s I had to share. I just googled images to see if I could get a picture of Wally on a bike to show you all (and because I didn’t know how else to end this post). One of the images I was shown was a girl graduation from Uni, no costume in sight.  I would love to know why Google have decided her image fits into a ‘Where’s Wally on a bike’ search!!

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