An ‘eventful’ trip (part 3)

I still don’t quite know how we managed it – someone must have been looking out for us – but we found the place we had been heading to. However I was proven right, the very pretty old school house was not the venue for our weekend away.

Just as I was considering if we could feasibly stop the night in the car (and mentally deciding if I liked my friend enough to share my sleeping bag with her) I noticed a member of staff. I jumped out the car and ran at the poor unsuspecting man. He got the full story with both barrels. In about 2 seconds flat I explained that we were lost, had no phones, no-one knew where we were, bits had fallen off the car, that I couldn’t find flowers….the whole lot came tumbling out.

When he composed himself having gotten over the shock of a crazy person, leaping out of a car and running at him like a woman possessed he explained that the venue we wanted was only about 2 miles away and if we followed him into the office he would draw us a map. I could have hugged him, in fact I would have hugged him but I suspect I had already seriously freaked him out.  We both followed him into the office, he got out a plan piece of A4 paper and a pen, looked at my friend, looked at me, looked back at my friend, looked back at me and then announced “I’ll get my keys, it’ll be easier if I just take you!

We climbed back into our car over joyed that our luck had changed. We excitedly chatted about our ‘character building’ journey and congratulated ourselves on making it through alive. We commented on the fact that the guy was lovely and laughed that he could clearly tell we had lost the will to live and sending us off with a map would have had disastrous results. We commented on and were slightly amused that he didn’t seem to do any of the normal things drivers do when being followed by another driver, you know thinks like driving slowly or indicating where you are turning. We commented on how the route he was taking us on seemed to be slightly longer than 2 miles and that judging by the number of turns and twisty little roads we had taken we would have never found the place by ourselves. We commented on the dark woods that we seemed to be driving into. We commented on the fact that this guy knew that we were lost, that we had no means of communicating anyone, that no-one knew where we were, that no one had an ETA for us at the venue, and even if they had done we were hours late on that already. We commented on the fact we were following an unknown stranger into a deep, dark wood….

The one reassuring thought I had as we were heading down this lane, into the woods was “you don’t have to be able to out run the danger….. just out the person you are with.”  However this was short lived when I remembered my friend is currently in training to do a running event at the end of the year whereas I need to go for a lie down at the thought of going for a run…….. Sh1t!

I have to agree!
I have to agree!

It might amuse you to know that later, when we recanted the story to the party goers having arrived safely at the destination, one of the guest turned to me and said “in that situation you should have just knee-capped her and then you would have been safe.” Which amused me.

What amused me more was my friend questioning why, if anyone was getting knee capped it had to be her and not the gentleman we would have both been running away from!!!

4 thoughts on “An ‘eventful’ trip (part 3)

  1. And silly me was thinking I needed to head out on the open water in a tiny boat to have an adventure. You managed to find adventure right in your own backyard.

    Glad to know no one got knee capped. 🙂

  2. Whew! I just parts 1,2 & 3 and have to say, I was a bit worried when you spilled the beans to that man. Of course I knew you were okay because how else could you have written it, but still!

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