An ‘eventful’ trip (part 2)

So I would not blame you for assuming that yesterdays post, which ended with us pulling back onto the motorway would have been then end of the ‘eventful’ trip. However you would be wrong….. oh so wrong!!

To begin with here is the photo of our repair from yesterdays post, which for some stupid reason would not work yesterday.

not a bad job!
not a bad job!


So we pulled back onto the motorway, resumed our harmonized singing to Les Mis and carried on our own sweet way, congratulation ourselves for being so resourceful. Everything was going pretty well until the time came to pull off the motorway and start the serous navigation to the venue. It was at this moment that a red flashing light appeared on my friends phone, indicating that our sat nav would soon be dead, followed be a second red flashing light on my own phone. This meant that soon we would be not only lost  but completely without any way of contacting anybody.

We could vaguely remember the name of the town and street we thought this place was on (although I was still unsure this was the right place we were heading) but my eternally optimistic friend (seriously she is – she has been tested) assured me everything would be ok. She seemed quite happy taking it all in her stride, while I started looking at the local pubs to decided if any of them looked friendly enough that we could walk in buy a drink and put our phones on charge for half an hour….or stop the night.

It was about this time we remembered that just before setting off we had been asked to turn up with a large bunch of flowers as an additional gift for the birthday girl. I don’t quite know the logic we used to decided that rather than going to any of the local supermarkets that we knew, it would be a better idea to find on en route so we didn’t have to detour. I think we both had visions of driving past a massive supermarket, being all shiny and new and having much more variety than any of our local chains. However the reality, which we had both forgotten, was we were driving from a town to spend the weekend in a bunk barn in the country. There were no big supermarkets…there were no shops. In desperation we ended up pulling into any gas station we came across and spending 5 minutes trying to decide if any of the half dead flowers could be bunched together to create one super, expensive looking bunch. Clearly lunacy had set in as I offered to get very creative and started looking for foliage which I could forage to include in the bouquet. yes, I had no scissors, I had no wrappy stuff and yet I was going to cut down parts of trees and create a super bouquet?!

After about 6 shops we settled on a bunch that looked ok, got back into the car, drove down the road for about 5 minutes and drove past a  rather large, very grand looking supermarket  – at that point I may have uttered some words not to be repeated on this blog!

We were now running at least an hour behind schedule. The journey should have only taken us 1.5 hours and we were quickly approaching a total journey time, including stopping to gaze at flowers, of about 3 hours. I suggested to my friend that we tried to turn on her phone to see if, now we were closer, we could find enough battery to take us to our destination. I have never been so pleased to see a phone spring back to life. I was slightly less pleased when I realised that we had driven past the turning to the place we needed about half an hour earlier – grrr! We started retracing our steps to find the turning. Knowing we had limited time I desperately tried to remember the names of the roads we had to turn down, and whether we needed to turn left or right.

Somewhere down the first road the phone died for good.

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