An ‘eventful’ trip

It started off well; in fact it started off extremely well. My friend was uber prepared and so had checked her tyre pressure and the oil level in her car. So thorough was her ‘car checking’ routine, that when she told her husband she wasn’t 100% certain of the oil level in her car, he went out to recheck it.

However, the preparation, forward planning and everything else fell out of the window pretty much as  soon as we had pulled shut the car doors and my friend turned to me and said “so do you know where we are going?!” Those of you who know me will not be surprised to learn that I didn’t have a clue where we were going and the best advice I could offer was “South…I think”. Part of this lack of planning is mine, I am an adult, had the same information and so could have easily found the address and directions, however, as she had volunteered to drive I had decided this meant I could shirk all responsibilities and just sit back and sing along to her cd so I had nothing nothing but over pack my little heart out- oh well lesson learnt.

About 10 minutes after saying good bye to her husband, he was slightly surprised to find us both still sat on the driveway, desperately searching Google, Facebook and our Emails to find out not only the venue of the birthday weekend away, but also any sort of a hint as to how to get there. He did ask us if we wanted to go in, use the computer and print off the instructions… I want to tell you that that was what we did, boy do I wish I could tell you that. Instead, we found a postcode for a building which ‘managed’ the bunk barn we were spending the weekend in, plomped the address into my friends phone/sat nav and sat off on our journey.

Things were going well, the weather was horrible in some places but overall we were happy. We were both singing along to Les Misérables and on occasions even managed some pretty decent harmonies when suddenly there was a bang. Looking out of my window I saw some black plastic flapping in the wind, banging into the side of the car. I assured my friend that whatever it was looked firmly attached (if you over look the half hanging off thing obviously) and told her she should take the next available exit and we would find somewhere safe to pull over and take a proper look.

Pulling off the motorway, we flucked out when we found a car park to pull into. I will admit that we did fluke across the car park we ended up in, and we turned into it by accident while trying to locate a second car park that we could see but not access. Anyway, car parked and we both climbed out to admire the damage. After a little bit of a tug, we realised that we could not remove said black plastic thing without properly buggering it and so I suggested we tried to unscrew the ‘cross-headed screw’ which was holding the black plastic in place. Of course I could identify the type of screw because I am all proficient in DIY and the likes, my friend pulled out her best tweezers (it was all we had) and tried to unscrew the screw which turned out to be an alan key (in my defence I haven’t used one of those in my house, so why I should I know what one is – hell i don’t even know if I am spelling it right in here!!)

Desperate to redeem myself, I headed off to a recycling section i saw hoping that someone would have disregarded a bit of string which we could use to tie the bit of plastic back onto the car (having realised removing it wasn’t an option!). I was very pleased to stumble across a long thin bit of white plastic which did the job, and with some sellotape found in the back of my friends car (why not) the job was a carrot as they say.

(there should be a picture here but my computer doesn’t want you to see it for some reason – grr at technology!! Please use your imagination)


We cleaned our hands with windscreen wipes (yes, she has sellotape but no handwipes or antiseptic rub) and headed back onto the motorway.


3 thoughts on “An ‘eventful’ trip

  1. I’m want to know what the black plastic was!
    I don’t know how you think you know about DIY if you don’t have allen keys in your handbag, BOL!

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