Friday night isn’t date night

The pregnant goldfish cancelled on me. Yes you read that right. The pregnant goldfish cancelled.on. me! It gets better, he refused to give me a reason why; all he said was “I’m  not going to make it.” Are you frigging kidding me? I know that conversation had dwindled over the last few days, mainly due to me but that was because I didn’t want to lead him on as he kept telling me how he was “thinking about me all the time” and “counting the days till we’d see each other again”. I knew that despite wanting to see him again my shallowness had won out and the hairy back and coloured football team tattoo meant we would not be seeing each other naked – i dislike tattoos, i detest coloured tattoos and I also detest football – it was not a winning combination he had going! but, I was willing to give him a second chance with the knowledge that I would have a laugh and hopefully get another blog post or two out of the event. I mean the first date involved a page three girl, too much touching, a request to pretend to make out with him so that the local drunk would think we were ‘together’ and a complete lack of any of the date (him) the next morning because he had three pints and turns out is a very cheap date!

It was last night that he cancelled, about 3 hours before our date. He did ask if we could meet tonight and I explained (again, clearly listening is not his strongest talent) that I was busy with a mates birthday he asked if we could do another time when he would explain in detail why he couldn’t make it. I reluctantly agreed to next week but made it clear that I would want a ‘bloody good’ reason for being cancelled before that date and I got a lovely “I ain’t going into it now, sorryx
Yes, he put a kiss. He still hasn’t given me a reason, in fact I don’t even know if he is still alive this morning as I haven’t heard anything and to be honest I’m not 100% certain I care.

I know that life gets in the way, and I understand something may have happened which means he had to cancel. The thing that gets me is not the cancelling more the refusal to give a reason. Is it just me that thinks it’s odd that he won’t give a reason? If it was me I’d say “I’m really sorry but x has happened” or “Can we make it tomorrow as y really needs me“.

You will be pleased to know that I am not blowing this thing out of all proportion. In fact I am acting quite rationally. If he gets in contact and has a good excuse I may let him take me out on our second date, and if not..well then I will add this to the increasing lists of why I hate the entire male population and go and buy* myself a cat!!

Borrowed with thanks from (check out their site it looks fab!)
Borrowed with thanks from (check out their site it looks fab!)

*kidding, I would never buy myself a cat…..I’d rescue one!!

7 thoughts on “Friday night isn’t date night

  1. Might I recommend The Dogs Trust. The one we went to had a cat rehoming center attached. Or get a guinea pig, oh my gawd, animals are so much nicer than *certain people*. 😉

    • I nearly got a dog, but can’t, then I tried to rescue a gerbil but it was a 4 hour drive away so that didn’t happen. I have seen a cute cat but not sure how my two would get on with a cat so I am thinking gerbil or degu when I get all moved in…if I ever get all moved in!!

  2. I’m with you. “I’m sorry but one of my mates is feeling blue and needs someone to hang out with, or my sister had her baby and I need to go see my cute cuddly nephew at hospital” but not, “I’m not going into it.x”

    Are you sure you want to see this sh*thead again?

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