and another small step

I know I sound like a broken record and in beginning to hate the sound of it myself but I miss him. It’s like part of me is aching for him, and I know that we’re not going to be together again yet still this ache goes on.

You’ll remember me mentioning that I had a date last week. My first properly classed as a date ‘date’, and I wanted it to go well. Although I know I’m not in a place where I’m ready to start something new I was hopefully. I’ve still not fully given up hope, I’m seeing him again in a few days but when he starts the date by showing you that days page 3 photo in the Sun and spends the rest of the time touching your legs and asking for you to “pretend to make out with him” so the local drunk thinks you’re together….. It’s a shame really. I think he’s a sweet kid whose trying to hard…only he’s almost 35 and so he should know better…. perhaps with a little hard work?!

That being said he did make me laugh, and I genuinely had a lovely time (over looking the knob head moments) now i just need to figure out how to overcome the problem that he is shorter than me (and i aint giving up my heels for no man) and has a hairy back which I’m sorry but eugh!!

Oh and cause it just keeps getting better, the day after we had a repeat conversation about what was discussed on the ‘date’. When I told him I had already told him this stuff he said “oh, well I forget things when I’ve had a drink”. He had 3 pints on our date. Now I can’t help but think if he is a light weight, and I wasn’t drinking because I was driving, perhaps he could have laid off the alcohol. Just me?

4 thoughts on “and another small step

  1. You’ll get over him when you do, but in the meantime I think a proper date is in order. One who listens to you and values what you say, without just wanting to make out with you. :0 Just my opinion.

    • I know and I want one, but I don’t want to race into something new when I’m not ready. I want to be over him not just over him because I’m with someone else. Does that make sense?

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