Friday Night is Date Night

Yep you read that right. It is Friday night. I do have a date.

Tonight I am going for a drink and game of pool with the pregnant goldfish that I have been talking via text for a few weeks.

To begin with I was pretty keen. I couldn’t help but get carried away with the idea of a guy with a wicked sense of humour who seemed interested in me and wanted children and marriage (yes I did blatantly come out and ask him that about 3 messages in) and wondered what he would look like in a trunks when we went away on our summer holiday together. I knew it was too soon for anything serious (and again have told him this) but he appears to have a good sense of humour, doesnt’ scare easily (the kids/marriage/I’ve got a counselor bombshells haven’t yet sent him running for the hills) and is an expert pool player and so I accepted the date thinking I should have a laugh and hopefully come away with a new life skill. Yes, I am now assessing which men I will date based on what new life skill I can get from them! (I think it’s genius)

However, this week he’s been hanging around with his mates and the texts I have received from him have completely dried up “when he’s had a better offer”. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a bunny boiler, let’s spend no time apart and report to me every second of every day that we are not in each others presence kind of girlfriend, but I do like to be thought about when we are not together and I appreciate the occasional ‘thinking of you’ kinda text. I know that the reason this bugs me is partly to do with the ex, if he was out with the boys I didn’t get a message. It wasn’t a problem, I didn’t need a text or assume because he wasn’t texting me he was screwing something else. But when I’ve had a drink I will sneak into the loo and whilst peeing send a quick, “love you, miss you” text (over-sharing?) before carrying on with my night – is it too much for them to do the same? The fact that he hasn’t contacted me when having a ‘better offer’ when we are not even dating has made me wary and so I have very mixed feelings about tonight.

I no longer imagine a drunken kiss after an evening of fun. In fact partly due to my cold, but partly cause I’m now feeling a bit blah I have decided to drive and save myself some money so there will be no drunken anything, and if he comes a drunken ass like the other time I met him…well let’s just say he won’t even last the date.

I’m not completely writing him off just yet. I have pre-planned what to wear down to the very last item and I am giving myself about 3 hours to get ready and pull off the ‘this old stuff, I just threw it on’ look. But let’s just say I will be shaving my under arms but I’m not going to waste time and effort on shaving my legs!!

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