Writers block

Why when I am not sure what to say does crap just flow from my fingers? I have spent most of the day at work starring at an empty word document trying desperately to come up with 400 words which not only form some coherent sentences, but will be passed as high quality by various publishers and newsy type people.

I have a deadline, I have a rough theme in my head but the words will not come out. I have tried doing other tasks. I have made and drunk enough coffee to sink a small battle ship. I have made numerous trips to the loo when the coffee has reached my bladder. In fact just hold that thought…..excuse me …that’s better.

Nothing is helping. But that just won’t cut it I have a deadline, I have a word count and so I am trying to just put anything onto paper and then improve on it later. This has led to me composing such nuggets as

“we are in demand, not only throughout this country, but within the rest of the world” (WTF?)

“We look forward to dipping our toe into the pool of …..”(God knows where I was looking forward to dipping the toe)

“proving popular with boys and girls alike” (just yuck!)

“not content with x, they visualised… (again no idea where it was going, I didn’t bother finishing the sentence just hit delete!)

On the positive I have just realised that he bottom left of my word document displays my running word count. This means that going forward I do not need to find the word count tool in the top navigation menu thing I would celebrate but I am too busy holding my head in shame, you see I use word daily and have done for more years that I care to remember – has it always done that??

8 thoughts on “Writers block

  1. As you know I have been AWOL butt when I need a giggle, I come straight to you. You crack me up girl.. If I was batting for the other side , I would marry you, funny, gorgeous, an excellent DIYer.. Caring and so sensitive.. Oh what the heck, Will you marry Me ??? LOL xxoxxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • thank you I so needed to hear that today as I was feeling a bit lost!!

      Wow my first marriage proposal – I thought having my own blog would bring me great things but never this!! How can I say no to you?! XXX

  2. Oh boy did you make me laugh! Thank you for that. As for the word count thing, no I don’t believe it’s always been there, if it has I will need to hang my head as well.

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