He was supposed to be a …. pregnant goldfish!

As I mentioned yesterday I have a couple of dates in the pipeline. I say in the pipeline because although I have agreed to go on both dates I have not been able to tie down an actual calendar date where I can fit this guy in.

The main reason for this is that last weekend was D Day on the house, I had a friend coming and so the plan was the house would be finished in time for her visit. I had the date in read in my diary, my dad had the date in red in the diary, I even gave the date to my workmen (the two that I have allowed into my house and they have only been allowed in because they are playing with electric and gas/major plumbing) however it would appear that to the workmen this date meant diddley squat. The gas/plumber cancelled me twice, before finally turning up to do the job the day before my friend came and then only doing a 3rd of what was actually required of him – basically I paid this guy almost £400 to buy me a shower and attach a small part of it to the wall. The other shower I asked him to remove….attached a stop water top thingy (one which I had bought for use elsewhere in the house) to the end of the metal pipe and left it there meaning that I now need to remove the pipes and come up with a more permanent solution. The central heating he was going to get working….. well I’ve just called up another workmen to come and do that job! The shower he’s fitted…. I had to drill the trenches, cut into the existing pipes, re-plaster and attached the hose, head etc to. The small bit of piping that needed replacing and the ex offered to do for the cost of pipe (which was about £5).. he’s charged me 85 quid!

Anyway to summaries the house isn’t yet anywhere near finished but having this date in my diary means I have now started booking back in the social life that I have had on hold for a number of months. Now I have DIY squished around a social life and to top it all off I am currently feeling like death warmed up and I’m counting down the minutes until I can have my next Lemsip (31 minutes just in-case you care!).

I met this guy about 2 weeks ago on a night out. I would like to tell you he was charming, lovely and I felt goosebumps..but that would be a lie. The guy was an ass. Worse than a “pregnant goldfish” he was an annoying ass who threw insults at me, refused to by me a drink and then refused to leave.

Don’t worry I gave as good as I got. I pointed out he had stupid facial hair (which he does) before pointing out all the guys in the bar I would rather be talking to instead of him – I may have been a little tipsy! Anyway in a moment of weakness, or maybe trying to prove to myself that I have to move on, I agreed that I would let him find me on Facebook, I assumed he wouldn’t he did. We had our first conversation and he told me how much he fancied me, how hot I am and asked me out. For any blokes out there do not keep telling someone how hot they are. I have a brain, I have a personality, I have interests try talking about some of those and you will get me interested. Telling me I’m hot repeatedly does not float my boat.

Then he asked me out.

The thought process was the guy is a “pregnant goldfish” and so I could go on a low risk date. I assumed I would hate every second, probably end up having to buy my own drink, and leave as early as I possibly could but hey it would count as a date and I would have had the first official date since… well….. you know. Although as the conversations continued it became clear that he has a pretty decent sense of humor… not that different to mine. He’s made me laugh out loud and I genuinely look forward to receiving his messages. After many conversations and even a late night phone call it turns out I could be wrong about this guy. He may not be the total pregnant goldfish that I thought he was. Surprisingly I am looking forward to the date, hey I’ve even suggested the second one. I’m being very carefully not to run before I can walk but now this isn’t the low risk date I wanted and that scares me. I’m not in a place where I am ready for this. I don’t want to start something new to wish I had waited longer in a few months time – I’ve been on the receiving end of that conversation and it sucks!

Although I know I can’t I still want the ex and my life with him back but at the same time I don’t want to cancel this date. Impressively I have explained most of this to the guy and he hasn’t (yet) ran a mile. Suspicious activity right there if you ask me. I’m trying to not worry too much before we go on the first date, but there is something about him which makes me think he isn’t the “pregnant goldfish” I thought he was…and if he isn’t what then?!

N.B I realised that this post will only make sense if you know the word for a “pregnant goldfish”. If you don’t then it is a 4 letter word, starts and ends with ‘t’ and has a ‘wa’ in middle. And thus ends the school lesson for today – you’re welcome!!

8 thoughts on “He was supposed to be a …. pregnant goldfish!

  1. Okay, I’m glad you explained that because I had not idea what a ‘pregnant goldfish’ was. LOL And you know my mouth I would have just said the word. 😉

    So I think I’m caught up. Assuming the house issues are under control?

    What about this date guy? Is he still insulting you? Do be careful, okay? Make sure someone knows where you are going and how long you will be. Give them his phone number too. (I’m a mom, can you imagine what my kids lived through?) LOL

    • Don’t worry, we are meeting in a public bar and friends and family will have his full details. The house issues are slowly getting there but it is starting to feel like I am never going to move in!!

      I would just have said the word too, in fact I think it sounds funny and think it is a much milder insult than some (I can not stand the c word) but I know a lot of other people who find that worse and so thought I’d better play safe!

  2. I’ll echo Jodi and say take care about where you meet up etc.

    I’d say try and put all the “what if” stuff to one side for now. Just view it as finding out what he is like and whether you like his company for now.

    As for him not being put off by you saying you’re not ready for a serious relationship yet – maybe he doesn’t want anything serious.

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