My first solo trip to the tip

So last night was another eventful night at the house with a few ups and downs. I was greeted at the door by my electrician friend who has put in the light switches into the lounge that I wanted meaning. Not only does that mean that I no longer have to walk through the lounge to turn on and off the lights but I am now officially almost at the decorating phase – woo hoo! My initial joy at my lights was slightly tarnished however when I noticed that in his joy to get going he had neglected to put any sort of protection under where he was drilling and now there was brick dust and general crap all over the only carpet I am desperately trying to save! :0(

Dad had advised that the first job I should do was take a trip run and so with much huffing, puffing and a little bad language I heaved the bin bags of rubble and old bits of wood into my little car. A few of the bags were a bit heavy and some of the bits of wood were quite long and so far a moment I did think of reverting back to ‘leaving anything to hard for a man’ but I gave myself a stern talking too and managed to do it alone. It may surprise you to learn that bad language was not due to the stupidly heavy sacks, nor the bits of wood that refused to fit into my car for a good 10 minutes before, for no earthly reason, deciding the would sit quite happily in my car. No, I was very well behaved through all that (still trying to impress the neighbours) but when I realised that one of the rubble sacks had a little hole in it meaning I had left a trail of debris following in my wake as I carried said bag out of the kitchen, through the lounge (although that carpet was already covered in crap) and onto the front seat of my car – grrr! (or words to that effect!). Anyway, the car was filled and I set off to the tip to discover that my tip was closed.

I couldn’t be bothered (or face) pulling all the rubbish back out of my car when I got back and so I have left where it was. This means that the debris has been for a lovely little drive around my village, a trip to my folks house last night via a quick stop at a friends house to provide moral support (I provided the support not the debris!) and a lovely drive to work this morning. Where it is currently sat enjoying the sun and (fingers crossed) not stinking out my entire car before I pick my friend up in it tomorrow night!

The day out for the debris will be ending tonight, when once I have finished work I am taking it for a lovely drive down some stunning country roads before saying a fond farewell at the tip, which better be open!

Please tell me this could happen to someone else?

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