The clue is in the name!

Today I should be in a place where I start decorating my house but I’m not because the workmen I have hired haven’t stuck to their deadlines. One of them is doing me mates rates and is doing me a massive favour by working his evening and weekends, it is very lovely of him, but this does mean I am in a position where he is being very vague about when he is next coming to the house and I don’t want to over hassle him too much. But this does leave me in a position where I can’t do anything until he has come and so I wait.

My plumber is slightly more annoying. The first visit was cancelled because he couldn’t get a part. The second visit was cancelled because a 90 year old woman had returned to her home to find a leak. Now I am not completely uncaring, and of course I was more than happy for him to go sort the old ladies leak but I do not understand why he couldn’t come to my house after that? I have no hot water, I have no heating.

And don’t even get me started on the fire guys who quoted me and dropped the cost when I said “no thanks, that’s out of my budget” just because you dropped the cost doesn’t mean you can do a shoddy job. If you couldn’t afford to do the job at the price agreed you shouldn’t have agreed to that price!!

I was intending to spend this weekend camping out in my house with a friend who is up to visit. We are still camping, but there more than likely will be no hot water and the house is in a worse state than I wanted.

I have insisted on doing everything myself (this weekend I learnt how to drill channels into my wall to hide pipes) and the only two men (excluding my dad who is amazing!) I have trusted enough to help me out have currently let me down.

What can I say, the clue was in the name workMEN.

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