O god I messed up the company card!!

Where I work isn’t known for being particularly warm and fuzzy. It is by no mean as bad as the last place I worked, and everyone is very lovely but everyone is so over-worked there is very little conversation (in fact whole days have gone past when I haven’t spoken to anyone) and there is no out of hours socialising. We don’t do Christmas cards, we don’t do going out for a Christmas party, we don’t do anything.

There have been rare occasions where I have tried (with limited success) to drag some life into the office. But there is only some many times you can try to light a fire and have it peed on before you just except that things won’t change, work will not be fun, and you just suck it up and pray for the hours to pass so that your life can begin.

However, this time someone else has taken an initiative and as someone has a big birthday coming up a card has been passed round the office for us all to sign. (I think we should go one better and all club in for some flowers but as I am alone in that thinking it’s not going to happen!) I digress.
So the card was put on my desk and I had a matter of moments to write my birthday message. I won’t just write ‘Happy Birthday’ I think it lacks originality and shows no really thought or meaning so I always like to put my own comment and so..on this ladys 50th birthday card…don’t worry you don’t look a day over 49!
I thought it was funny, I wrote it in jest and the I signed my name, put a kiss and handed the card back……..and totally freaked out! What have I done?? What if she isn’t fine with turning 50 and my card brings on floods of tears rather than the well-meaning chuckle I have intended. It’s gone there, there is nothing I can do to amend it or make it better.

Is this a harmless, well-meant comment or do you think I need to start job hunting??

8 thoughts on “O god I messed up the company card!!

  1. Hi, I think its harmless. If she takes it too seriously thats on her. You dont have control over how someone takes what you say and I really think it was meant in jest. =)

  2. I think you need to start job hunting, but not because of the comment on the card! The comment is amusing but, from various things you’ve said about work, I think it’s time to give a change of job some thought.

  3. My mind always goes blank when I’m filling out a birthday card! I want to say something other than Happy Birthday but I can never think of something good!

    I think what you wrote was good and comical!

  4. i agree with clowie, just because someone as lovely as you shouldnt be stuck in an office full of boring people. but then thats the reality for lots of people i suppose. thank god for the internet eh?

    maybe you should have written 45, not 49 xx

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