A family picnic

I am so lucky to have the worlds best parents ever. Fact.

I am ashamed to admit that I have not always thought this. I went through the embarrassment phase as a teenager. In fact I shudder to remember that I used to worry what people would think about me being in town with two parents when all my friends were just with their mum or their dad. This single parent phase of my friends folks was not to do with their dad being better at coming up with excuses to avoid shopping than mine, no this was because their folks were going through a divorce. Yet as I child I did sometimes wonder why we did everything as a family of four (little sis makes 4).

However, as the years have passed and I have grown up a little (and am not so much in need of a good slap) I cannot believe how truly blessed I am to have my folks as my folks. You may think I am biased but I am not – they just rock! This has recently been proven with the massive amount of support they have given me over the last 6 months. My mother is one of the few people who will still comfort me when I burst into tears because I miss him and understands. I know people are trying to help but being told “he’s an arse who wasn’t ever going to stick around” does not only not help but couldn’t be further from the truth. He was massively messed up following a relationship – and I now find myself in a similar situation. I hope that this doesn’t mean in the future I too will be disregarded with a simple “what an arse” (Unless I am walking past, and the comment is made about my amazing bum in which case arse away!!) My dad has been amazing, and has taken to driving the half hour trip to my new place almost every evening to help me ‘crack on’ with the million of jobs that need to be done before I can move in, bringing with him my tea for the night which he has cooked and tried to keep warm (he has even brought up the microwave on a number of occasions). The have both toured numerous DIY shops and stood for what felt to my like hours as I have looked at two similar colour paints, unsure as to which shade of ‘off white’ I should paint my walls.

Last night, we went on another DIY paint picking shopping trip. They knew it was going to be another late night and so they packed a picnic which we ate, sat in the car park of a retail outlet and it yet again struck me how amazing they are and how lucky I am to have them. But it also made me cry.. well sob.

They shouldn’t have to be this amazing. They had done their bet and passed me on to him to look after, keep safe and sit in the car park eating sandwiches after an evening choosing paint samples. They are having to pick up the pieces that he created, time and time again.

I am so lucky to have the worlds best parents ever. Fact.

2 thoughts on “A family picnic

  1. I had to smile at the difficulty of choosing which shade of off-white to have! It’s amazing how many there are!
    Your parents do sound great.

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