Why do I feel rejected?

There’s a guy in the office where I work and to be honest you wouldn’t kick him out of bed. He seems sweet, we have a good laugh together and other than having very similar hobbies to my ex he is lovely. Unfortunately, a couple of people in the office decided he and I would make a good couple, ok so the exact wording was ‘your both single, why not?” but the seed was planted.

I will admit I have thought about it. Hell, I thought about it when I was with the ex (but wouldn’t have cheated and to be honest preferred the ex).

Anyway, I don’t want a new romance yet, my head or heart is still not in the right place to be starting something new with anyone. And I will not put someone in the position I have recently found myself where I have to tell admit that had I just given it more time, I wouldn’t be breaking their heart. If someone tells you that you have my permission to thump them in their big fat stupid male head!! Plus, although it’s getting easier to hate him, there are still times when I want him back. Only I don’t because I would never trust him. Yet the thought of someone new makes me feel sick to my stomach. See, not the time to be starting something new…not yet.

So, nothing has happened, I’ve made no advances and hand on heart I wouldn’t want anything to happen. He is just not my type (and by that my type is complete knob!) Then, yesterday, I found out that this guy has gone and got himself a girlfriend and I have to admit a little bit of me feels rejected. I know it is stupid. I don’t want him. He deserves someone lovely….but yet I feel rejected.

I’m joining a Nunnery…… So long as I can still drink?!

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